2b2t's History of the Dragon Egg

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 5, 2019
  • A detailed history of the decade long journey of the Dragon Egg on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t.

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    Renders: ThebesAndSound, IronException
    Additional Footage: Vusys, iTavux, iTristan
    Special Thanks: xcc2
    Music: FF6, FF15, Octopath Traveler
  • Source: https://youtu.be/1yig3MFAAOk


  • FitMC


     1 months ago +6163

    Special thanks to longtime 2b2t player xcc2 for providing input and feedback for this history video

  • Immortal Spartan

    Immortal Spartan

     6 hours ago

    Minewind players (laughs in Degg)

  • Tiffany haanstra

    Tiffany haanstra

     7 hours ago

  • scorched slippy

    scorched slippy

     17 hours ago

    This is like one of those world documentaries that you watch in third period World history

  • thomas knowlton

    thomas knowlton


    10:35 look at the top

    swastika intensifies

  • Goodoc



    i like how dramatic the history of 2b2t is, it's like ancient legends

  • resinate



    lol did no one even noticed the placement the frame blocks lol back then

  • Meme Star

    Meme Star

     yesterday +2

    2b2t has a more interesting history than the history of the world 😂

  • toprak toklu

    toprak toklu


    do you explode if you dont say the oldest anarchy server in minecraft in the first 15 seconds D:

  • Dylan Kimble

    Dylan Kimble

     2 days ago

    Always nice to see what people make of the shape of the Marker. It's not a comet, though I can see that being what it looks like.

  • Steven Burger

    Steven Burger

     2 days ago

    I thought the entire point of 2b2t was no administration at all

    Yet house was being an admin, and removing the end and shit.

  • Brick Gamer

    Brick Gamer

     3 days ago

    2B2T omelet land 🤤

  • Raxoanox


     3 days ago

    Imagine if mojang made dragon eggs hatch after some time. Also imagine what would happen on 2b2t

  • CizreK


     3 days ago

    Sounds like House is an idiot and doesn't understand what no rules actually means... Going around deleting stuff breaking his no rules rules...

  • ZV Gaming And Stuff

    ZV Gaming And Stuff

     3 days ago

    In a survival world on xbox bedrock, I have 2 dragon eggs. No creative.

  • MrCrapStone


     3 days ago

    this is some great story telling

  • keith svenson

    keith svenson

     3 days ago

    "players got into hte end on their own after i said i wasn't gonna give end portals... HOW DAR THEY, I'M ABREAK ALL THAT SHIT!" now that seems just a little petty.. anybody else agree?

  • djfutur3


     3 days ago

    the egg was given a purpose to respawn the enderdragon

  • waffle lord

    waffle lord

     3 days ago +1

    it only took him 15 secs to say "the oldest anarchy server"

  • Gustavo Arzaga

    Gustavo Arzaga

     3 days ago

    Couldn't you get the end dragon be hatch from the egg