eUnited vs UNITS | CWL Champs 2019 | Day 4

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/2nhwY693t0M


  • Clickz123


     2 months ago

    Perfect snd game. Mind boggling.

  • Billy DaBossman

    Billy DaBossman

     2 months ago

    Nolson and cammy are shit

  • Ice Baby

    Ice Baby

     3 months ago

    Almost 100 point clubbed them(if we don't get slammed at the pipes Hill) 6-0 in the SnD and 3-0 them in the control. The most dominant series by us we had all tournament

  • tff3456


     3 months ago

    After Simp's 3 piece at 25:58, I actually threw my phone. Dashy and TJ's 5 wipes on Seaside were sick but that SnD was on a whole different level.

  • Donavan Mansfield

    Donavan Mansfield

     3 months ago

    25:54 THE TRIPLE

  • Kohl


     3 months ago +10

    "I don't care"
    "I just don't care"
    "I don't know what you had to say..."
    "It's just stupid"

    I feel you bro

  • Fabulous the BOSS

    Fabulous the BOSS

     3 months ago +2

    I came for 25:54

  • Martijn Gankema

    Martijn Gankema

     3 months ago +1

    Simp is on a nother level bro watching competetive since mw but this kid is on another planet !

  • goldeneyestryker


     3 months ago

    Simp is Karma back in Bo2. Snipe, support, can do it all.

  • Timothy Davis

    Timothy Davis

     3 months ago

    Simp the sick fucking joke jetpacker!!!!!! And there were two people in the mlg chat yesterday arguing that dylancod is the best saug in the game. HA!

  • Leuname008


     3 months ago +4

    Best player performance ever!
    That snd from simp 14:1.
    The only time he died he sacrafices for his team round win.
    Insane sniper 3-piece!

  • MexicanFrom7thSt


     3 months ago

    18:55 yea bruh bruh lmfaooo

  • Jerco _ Felix141

    Jerco _ Felix141

     3 months ago

    Omfg lmao that game of snd was the best I've seen just fucking wow I'm scared for optic

  • josh bauer

    josh bauer

     3 months ago +2

    eunited are called simpsons now

  • Michael Espeland

    Michael Espeland

     3 months ago +7

    As a big Optic fan, I feel slightly nervous about that final

  • uhmz1212


     3 months ago

    King Simp lol

  • Akeeb


     3 months ago +14

    Simp is ruthless. The players on Units have families.

  • nolifegang8


     3 months ago

    These commentators fucking suck

  • Whisky Plays

    Whisky Plays

     3 months ago

    You can't praise EUnited enough. They made this look easy but to to say that clay is a COD Vet he makes some useless ass plays.

  • Mitchell Murphy

    Mitchell Murphy

     3 months ago

    Dear God Simp...