Spoiler: everything is fine now. Murloc went to the hospital. Story in description

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • "Mysterious cat" (c) - the diagnosis.
    There is no diagnosis as such. The cause of the malaise was not found out. Most likely he ate something. But here’s what and how - it’s completely incomprehensible, since the cat doesn’t eat unknown bullshit while walking, there’s nothing to get home at home.
    It began with “two days of diarrhea,” and then just transparent mucus instead of poop and a complete lack of appetite and a refusal of water. At the same time, the behavior practically did not change, he behaved quite normally. Murloc did not eat or drink anything for more than 3 days. I was at work.
    On weekends, I immediately dragged him to a veterinarian near the house. It was a strange trick. Friendly doctors, did an ultrasound after my request, but ... sent us home with an antibiotic without a diagnosis and tests taken, and partingly inject 50 cubes of Ringer's solution 2 times a day.
    Upon returning home, she called Xenia from the "Sirin" to ask what to go to take tests to the laboratory. Ksenia handed me over to her doctor Daria, who knows how to find all the ends and edges of round hedgehogs. Daria was in Moscow at the Vega clinic in Strogino, where Murlock and I were driven by Egor, who had fallen out of the house.
    After 2 hours, Murloc was already examined by veterinarians in Vega. They put a catheter, took blood for biochemistry, did the necessary express tests. The situation did not clear up, but some infections and intestinal obstruction were ruled out.
    I do not understand cat diseases at all, and I had no idea that cats should not go hungry for more than a day. What is it, a thick hawk can eat for 5 days without damage to health, but here’s a cat ... They didn’t tell me that the work of the gastrointestinal tract could just “stop”, I was not told.
    In “Vega” Murlock immediately after examination and explanations to me, was sent under a dropper and prepare for evening procedures and taking medication. He remained in the hospital and is now there.
    Last night they called me and informed me that after a dropper and an antiemetic drug he started eating. Today Daria wrote that he is well, he eats, drinks and actively communicates with doctors, everyone loves him. It is necessary to go through some more procedures that strengthen the digestive system and you can write out home for treatment.
    No infections, viruses, protozoa, etc. not found. Only some inflammation and organ reactions to starvation and dehydration.
    Here is such a mysterious cat with a naked shaved belly and new gray hair in my head.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/3DlHcuGw2eg




     14 days ago

    Прям как у людей... Живот разрывается, ты умираешь, слабость и недомогание. В первой клиник подозревают апендицит, а во второй говорят, что вы "здоровы"... ну, просто живот, блин, болит. 😕 Дурдом.

  • just4music


     1 months ago

    Oh no! Poor Murlock, get well soon! xoxo

  • Гуля Ержанова

    Гуля Ержанова

     1 months ago

    Как то Ёлка жаловалась что у нее погадки пропадают...

  • Павел Ли

    Павел Ли

     2 months ago +1

    Я плачу😭

  • 野口真弘


     2 months ago

    это как человек 😂

  • SpringWolfu Gurl

    SpringWolfu Gurl

     3 months ago

    That's what my cat needs and outside cage

  • Raccoon Boi

    Raccoon Boi

     3 months ago +1

    That’s a badass name to give to a cat

  • Leo Li

    Leo Li

     3 months ago

    Малыш наш пушистый 🤗
    Понимаю, что всё закончилось, а внутри всё равно "кошки скребут". Здоровья Мурлочку. Чтоб не лизал там ничего запретного. А то, сколько не прячь от них...что-нибудь, а найдёт. Мои тоже... ещё те лизуны))

  • Daniel Stoddard

    Daniel Stoddard

     3 months ago


  • OneBiasedOpinion


     3 months ago +1

    Glad that Murloc is better! I love all of your wacky animals!

  • Мария Филатова

    Мария Филатова

     3 months ago

    Как отлично Мурлоку обработали место под капельницу!!!!! Врачи - молодцы!!!!

  • Инна Ненси

    Инна Ненси

     4 months ago

    Судьба такая у Даши) быть ветеринаром для ЮТ звезд)

  • Nejat Ahmed

    Nejat Ahmed

     4 months ago +2

    Hello, my English speaker friends!
    The cat is sooooo cute 😭❤❤❤❤❤

  • Казявка Ивановна

    Казявка Ивановна

     4 months ago

    Котенька... когда они болеют прям вот нервы сплошные

  • Белка


     4 months ago

    Здоровья Мурлочку :3

  • Баба Валя

    Баба Валя

     4 months ago

    Наша кошка тоже 5 дней не ест...

  • Ольга Макулова

    Ольга Макулова

     4 months ago

    Заечка, не болей, малыш. Такое солнышко!

  • Swen Fast

    Swen Fast

     4 months ago


  • Юрий Ефимов

    Юрий Ефимов

     4 months ago

    Котик, живи!

  • евгений иванов

    евгений иванов

     4 months ago

    Деградация кишечника из-за дня без еды - это называется идиотизм!