Dirt Bike Battle | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6re9XAwo4b4


  • Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

     a years ago +10930

    Next Monday: All Sports Golf Battle 3
    Next Next Monday: Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle

  • oink goespiggy

    oink goespiggy

     a years ago +5533

    Why does it always seem like Tyler always wins?

  • Andrewgeo


     5 months ago +793

    3:08 Like if you saw the camera man waving! 😂

  • Josué Daniel Zeledón Jiménez

    Josué Daniel Zeledón Jiménez

     2 days ago +4

    From were do you get the money to get all that things and how😂

  • abi _ f

    abi _ f

     3 months ago +270

    To the 1% that will see this is hope u have or had a great day

  • Three ThirdWheels

    Three ThirdWheels

     2 months ago +118

    Coby is the chandler of dude perfect (he never wins)
    Wow, thx for all the likes guys

  • Gewoon Bas VB!

    Gewoon Bas VB!

     21 days ago +84

    1 year later... Who's wachting this at August. 2019?

  • William Coffin

    William Coffin

     4 months ago +69

    Coby is now always in the final but STILL DOESN'T WIN!

  • Rafe Ali

    Rafe Ali

     3 months ago +31

    Respect to the cameraman who waved in codys helmat's glass MAH "G" 3:07

  • A Osio

    A Osio

     4 months ago +16

    Team coby forever

  • CRAZY KIDS!!!!

    CRAZY KIDS!!!!

     5 months ago +663

    Who else already knows Ty is going to win before you even click

  • *Alinz*


     1 months ago +12

    Slowly sinking to depression....
    Say goodbye~

  • Lisa McKinnon

    Lisa McKinnon

     2 months ago +31

    The camera Man Waved at Cody’s glasses Drop a like if you saw it👇🏻

  • Hgdd


     14 days ago +23

    Watch as 4 adults ride motorbikes who have no clue how to ride them
    Edit: 5 adults

  • Nadine Nielsen

    Nadine Nielsen

     7 days ago +13

    Coby had a longer distance then ty in the bridge

  • Mad Jacked Jake

    Mad Jacked Jake

     14 days ago +1

    Conjunctions Tyler you are the winner. :] 🏆

  • Thomas Starling Collector

    Thomas Starling Collector

     21 days ago +1

    Cody: what are you scared about it's water
    Garrett: I Don't know man
    And yet Cody gets last in round 2. I think he's scared of water.

  • anika friedmann

    anika friedmann

     2 months ago +11

    Garett: My heartbeat is 180 and I'm freaking out right now.
    Me: That's me everyday!

  • Silver jacket27

    Silver jacket27

     3 days ago

    Cody looks like Waluigi in mario kart

  • Mershie


     5 months ago +217

    Who thinks they should do a 2nd one but with actual dirtbikes?