A BIG Minecraft Throwback!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 22, 2019
  • well.. we've come full circle..
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  • MintChocChako


     4 months ago +3416

    the ACTUAL story of how dan broke his hand

    he did too many poop hammers

  • Rachael Vernon

    Rachael Vernon

     4 hours ago

    Play Pikuniku again

  • Simysimsim


     yesterday +1

    Btw ur username was redbedman cause last time u were on hypixel you were playing bedwars, and you were in the prototype lobby because bedwars was in the prototype lobby at the time. And build battle got its own lobby last year

  • Sid’s Adventures

    Sid’s Adventures

     3 days ago

    I meant star land krew

  • Sid’s Adventures

    Sid’s Adventures

     3 days ago

    More draw your comments draw Sid the Segal from star land keep on A spaseship

  • Elizabeth Deciga

    Elizabeth Deciga

     5 days ago

    Hello Dan

  • William Wolf

    William Wolf

     6 days ago


  • Imaani Khan

    Imaani Khan

     7 days ago

    less than a quarter of your subscribers watch your videos...

  • Addison Nelson

    Addison Nelson

     7 days ago

    omg the lab minigame who remembers?!

  • Addison Nelson

    Addison Nelson

     7 days ago

    DO BED WARS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • Violet Drennon

    Violet Drennon

     14 days ago

    OGs remember when Dan made a cake arcade in his xbox survival series

  • Judith Hook

    Judith Hook

     14 days ago

    Your an idiot

  • Fonzy Clanor

    Fonzy Clanor

     14 days ago

    Whats an Idiot

  • Sofi Al-Rabi

    Sofi Al-Rabi

     14 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa build battle I love it

  • Chris White

    Chris White

     21 days ago

    Dan i was their there when you did your fist bold battle 🥳

  • Hannah the dancer McKay

    Hannah the dancer McKay

     21 days ago +2

    October? 2019 anyone

  • Nysi


     21 days ago

    Hi dan

  • Bianka the creeper BB

    Bianka the creeper BB

     21 days ago +1

    Who was here when dan only hit 10mil?

  • Micah Greenwood

    Micah Greenwood

     21 days ago

    "the size is impressive but its not finished" sorry but ... am i the only one in 2 mil views with a dirty mind???

  • TurtleTesterGaming


     21 days ago

    I love how dan got 12th out of 10 people