Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
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  • Jacob

     1 months ago

    I love Emilia Clarke for that interview. “Best season ever” *cringe face* 😂

  • Who Dat Ninja

     10 days ago

    @BixPanther and her smile and laugh lights up the room wherever she goes 😢🤗

  • BixPanther

     10 days ago

    @Who Dat Ninja I feel the same!!

  • some oomph

     1 months ago

    First Bran went out the windowThen Tommen went out the windowThen writing went too

  • americana_incarnate


    D&D: whose going next?

  • Dave Hodges

     6 days ago

    The writing went before tommen, it started to go bad in series 5

  • Joshua Plank

     1 months ago

    Everyone: "what was the point of the white walkers in the show?"...D&D: "we kind of forgot the white walkers were in the show."

  • Karen Guessman

     4 days ago

    No, the night king dying wasn’t bad, the way it happened was bad, later in the finale we see dany destroyed all the scorpions and after that she should have accepted everyone’s surrender, executed cersei only, then after that dany would have her coronation as queen of 7 kingdoms and give john choice of doing whatever he wanted since he proved himself so much and let Sansa rule the north and give them freedom since they were the ones to help the most against the army of the dead....on top of that the se...

  • Gonzalo Araujo

     18 days ago

    "u want a good girl but u need dah bad poosi". Who wrote this?, Cardi B?

  • Karen Guessman

     4 days ago

    I’m dying 😂

  • BixPanther

     10 days ago


  • Jalen Lee

     28 days ago

    Reason why Dany couldn’t see the iron fleet: “SHE FORGOT”...... many brain cells were lost at that moment

  • 54markl

     15 days ago

    Mr. Benioff, or Weiss, or whatever you are, you forgot you were a writer.

  • T.Y

     23 days ago

    A K this would be true, except for the fact that the master of whispers TOLD her about it, and her advisors even convinced her to not launch a preemptive attack against the fleet, it’s just awful writing by D&D

  • ESplat

     1 months ago

    Jon being a Targaryen had no impact on the story really

  • Glenn Leahey

     8 days ago

    @Tasha Glam I only have a few (distant) friends who watch Game of Thrones regularly...I watched season 1....then cut off my HBO subs....caught up in Spring/Summer 2018...so I saw the up/down/up in the quality of writing and directing. But this last season...draining. All the best.

  • Tasha Glam

     8 days ago

    @Glenn Leahey I made a bet with my friends that Dany would be pregnant in Season 8. I lost $130. Damn. And I only made that bet because they kept going on and on in season 7 about how she "can't have children," and to me, that was supposed to be a foreshadow that she'd be pregnant. Still in disbelief over how they handled Dany's entire story. Shame on D&D for that. Could've made something great, but instead made something so disappointing. It's gonna be a while before I forget about that.

  • Ignacio Celeda

     20 days ago

    Now every unsatisfied fan will probably buy the books. George is an evil genius!!

  • Gemayel Daniel

     10 days ago

    But hes not even working on the damn books right now :p he is working on a game with miyazaki (from software) the creators of dark souls, demon souls, bloodborne and sekiro games to make a new game called elden ring. Hyped for it as both parties are geniuses but i wish he would finish those last 2 books already😔

  • BixPanther

     10 days ago

    Haha yeah 😂😂

  • Amelia sewing

     1 months ago

    dude that 35 minutes was more satisfying than the last season of GOT

  • Durmoth

     9 days ago

    fuck yes

  • RubalCava

     12 days ago

    I don't want to agree with that, but I feel like I do. However, I think the commentary in this video is a bit too critical.

  • Fiker Gaming

     12 days ago

    S1: Winter is comingS2: Winter is comingS3: Winter is comingS4: Winter is comingS5: Winter is comingS6: WINTER is comingS7: WINTER IZ COMINGS8E1: SAVE YOURSELFSS8E3:winter is goneS8e4: where is Cersie

  • Ashley Clark

     1 months ago

    They didn’t predict shit. They read fan forums about who Jon’s mom was.

  • Junior Nisthal

     2 days ago

    lolxd allesklar most likely a blackfyre seeing that he has the golden company following him. And they were specifically supporters of the blackfyres and their rebellions even going as far as invading Westeros for them

  • lolxd allesklar

     3 days ago

    @Junior Nisthal yes. And thats why I think that the young grith is the son from lyanna and reahgar. Or he is a blackfire.