T.I. on His Podcast 'Expeditiously', Candace Owens, Jay Z & Kaepernick + A Lot More!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 20, 2019
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  • malcolm x Garvey

    malcolm x Garvey


    Tip Coondace Owens is a race traitor, she is dangerou!

  • Indigo Aztec

    Indigo Aztec

     6 days ago

    #1 podcast in the world?????? Big boy you are really stupid. Do your research before you tell lies.

  • Bytricia Bailey

    Bytricia Bailey

     7 days ago

    So they didn't hear KillerMike answer that.

  • C Garcia

    C Garcia

     7 days ago

    I don’t understand why certain people have to push the narrative that the make America great again slogan has to be about race..quick to jump on the race card.. how about make America great by making great trade deals with other countries, how about make America great again by creating more jobs for American people. There are communities suffering right here in America people need more opportunities here and too many people focused on people who don’t live here. It’s common sense. Sometimes you have to open your mind and not just try to fit and twist things to fit in the narrative you are trying to create

  • common sence

    common sence

     7 days ago

    Ima Hispanic raised in the projects who supports trump and the Latinos for trump movement I have nothing to gain by being a trump supporter but insults and Ridicule and I definitely do not support white supremacy lol and still have love for every walk of life even the lgbtq community and still Love Jesus and his ways of love .... so trump supporters are not racist...... bad apples in every group

  • Rich Harris

    Rich Harris

     7 days ago

    I'll answer your question TI , you can only compare America to other Countries. In that context America is still great. Until leftist ruin it, it will remain great.

  • Ife Collins

    Ife Collins

     7 days ago

    This man has evolved and is continues to grow , by choice not by force . As journey continues people who where with him in the beginning will not remain . He’s outgrowing a portion of his audience . Which is just what it is , we either grow together or grow apart !!!

  • LG Roots

    LG Roots

     7 days ago

    Uh I don’t know about intelligent...but respect for trying to debate Alex Jones 👏

  • MR Soggypampers

    MR Soggypampers

     7 days ago

    Ti ain't representing no one than the rich .this nigga live with rich white community. Ti is going to ruined he's career by talking about politics and religion this nigga goes to strip clubs and cheats on he's wife but wants to talk about being godly shut up nigga just tap and shut the fuck up nigga .I'll see your dumb ass in the strip club.this nigga needs to just shut the fuck and live he's life .

  • Jess Bailey

    Jess Bailey

     7 days ago +1

    Tip is without a doubt a goat along siDe biggie Eminem and pac that’s just factz that will go down in history:)

  • Don Rob

    Don Rob

     14 days ago

    Smh....listen go ahead..you will see the results...and it ain't gonna help you...nice agenda lmao

  • Top Dawg GA

    Top Dawg GA

     14 days ago

    Imagine a big boy and T.I. podcast shit would be epic

  • ciss Vixen

    ciss Vixen

     14 days ago

    wow... he is really dumb. and he is the worst kinda dumb, because he is those who is dumb but think they are correct and clever. perfect dems tools, just like SWJ.

  • Kev


     14 days ago +5

    T.I for PRESIDENT 💯 ✌🏽

  • Chimene Goree

    Chimene Goree

     14 days ago


  • Jeff Humphrey

    Jeff Humphrey

     14 days ago

    Racist people see racism everywhere

  • MrMelman89


     14 days ago

    He is intelligent, but seems to not be honest when it comes to Trump or certain political or cultural arguments. Wish he would look further into the information and talk to those he truly and fully disagree with (not only "us" his people).

  • Diamond Too Real

    Diamond Too Real

     14 days ago

    Outstanding interview keep up the great work. TI is very intelligent much respect to a King‼️💯💯💯

  • rocky turtle

    rocky turtle

     14 days ago

    Instead of looking at the make america great agian from an oppression point of view try looking at it from the dude who said it he is a business man and his main goal is for our economy to boom and benefit everyone as it did in the industrial revolution we created then and we were a wealthy country but now we lose our jobs and money to places all around the world nationalism is not a racist thing a way of thinking let's make our people and our country the best white black mexican ect.. if every conversation is fluffed with racism talk and a thin line it makes any dialogue impossible

  • Trndst


     14 days ago

    Ti is so dope