Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • In today’s video, you’ll watch us #SWITCHPLACES and try to trick our friends, including Bailey’s boyfriend, Asa! Do you think they will fall for it??✅ If you loved this video, don't forget to follow us on INSTAGRAM! http://www.instagram.com/brooklynandb...We told all of our friends that we needed them to help us film a video all about making friends in #college, but little did they know...we were about to trick them! We set the whole thing up to look like they were just going to be filming a video with me (Brooklyn), because Bailey was “at a meeting”. 😂 Bailey was hiding out in the bathroom as I started the video, and a couple of minutes in, I went back to the bathroom and we SWITCHED PLACES! We went all out too, I even gave her all of my jewelry AND she wore hair extensions to look as much like me as possible… It was kind of scary how much she looked like me!! 😂 what do you think???We even asked Asa (Bailey’s #boyfriend) to be a part of it, and y’all will never believe what happened during the video with him… 🙈We were so laughing SO HARD!!You can’t help but feel so bad for him… but don’t blame Asa for not noticing, he got Bailey back a few days later and she didn’t notice he switched with one of our friends who looks a lot like him, during a photo shoot! What can they say??? They’ve been dating long distance for over 2 years and don’t spend a lot of time physically together!Who were you the MOST surprised by that didn’t notice we switched places? Could you tell??? Comment below!💋's - Brooklyn⭐️We are OFFICIALLY shipping our merch INTERNATIONALLY⭐️✅ INTERNATIONAL SHOPPERS, CLICK HERE: http://intl.brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ **Due to certain international laws, we will not be able to ship mascara or stampers internationally, but scrunchies, merch, and jewelry are available**✅ U.S. Shoppers, SHOP HERE: https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ STREAM our Original Music! 🎤🎶👉🏻 Dance Like Me - https://brooklynandbailey.lnk.to/Danc...👉🏻 Simple Things - https://brooklynandbailey.lnk.to/Simp...👉🏻 What We're Made Of - https://BrooklynandBailey.lnk.to/What..._Instagram | http://instagram.com/brooklynandbaileyTwitter | http://twitter.com/brookandbaileyFacebook | http://facebook.com/brooklynandbaileySnapChat | http://snapchat.com/add/BrookAndBaileyTik Tok | @BrooklynAndBaileySpotify | https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Y8tc...SoundCloud | http://soundcloud.com/brooklynandbailey_FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Nun_4w8m_SY


  • Brooklyn and Bailey

     1 months ago

    WE ARE NOW SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY!! ❤️CLICK HERE TO SHOP: https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com/ 💋's - Brooklyn

  • Sadie Kissell

     4 days ago

    Are u from Tim tok?! :):)

  • Kstallings

     4 days ago

    Amazing videos

  • Mary Ann Y.

     19 days ago

    the amount of times that girl said *eww* I I\/

  • Nusrath Begum

     14 hours ago

    Brooklyn and Bailey are so pretty and cute....Asa has to be lucky to have Bailey.......and of course memorise her face.Who agrees with me?

  • Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend


    I wish she applied those ews to every food she sees, she would’ve not become morbidly obese.

  • ajith gopi

     16 days ago

    Bailey's boyfriend was actually more focused on answering the questions😂😂poor guy😁

  • iveys gaming

     4 days ago

    He is in big trouble

  • How many subscribers can I get with no videos

     4 days ago

    ajith gopi *asa

  • wOw

     11 days ago

    No one: Not a single soul:Hanna: EW EW EW EW EW

  • coco

     3 days ago

    @catty welcome to Hanna squad😂

  • Rawiya Yousif

     6 days ago

    @anees Siddique what???

  • Create In Me

     18 days ago

    Asa didn't notice because he didn't look much. It's not HIS GIRL, you know. I respect you!

  • Flame Silver


    Create In Me you're right

  • Bird

     3 days ago

    True that deserves *RESPECT* because they look alike but they aren't the same, meaning he only wants his boo

  • Sashely & Raymond

     4 days ago

    this is the amount of people who couldn’t actually tell the difference👇🏽

  • Sama Issa

     25 days ago

    Plot twist :they did not switch and the viewer is the one who was tested🐸😂😂😂😂

  • Gaming With Chrissofly

     3 days ago

    Tbh they look nothing alike one got low eyes that’s space out on the right and the other one don’t

  • Onxy Martin

     5 days ago


  • x mysterious x

     6 days ago

    Their friends: “It’s so obvious!”Me: *trying to find the difference for five hours straight*

  • freza mae canilan


    Uhm. Cleft chin?

  • m m

     2 days ago

    Fr FR

  • Nam Uchiha

     15 days ago

    Her bf just failed because he didn't want to make long eye contact that would might end up making him look bad. He was specifically there for only questions, now that's loyal.

  • Nam Uchiha

     4 days ago

    And thanks everyone for the likes glad we all agree

  • Nam Uchiha

     4 days ago

    @Puneet Singh Yep

  • T. Haber

     18 days ago

    Asa: Doesn‘t notice the differenz between two identical twins Twins: OMG you‘re in big TroubleEverybody: OMG how could he Also everybody:Didn‘t notice any differenz too

  • Erica Waite

     6 days ago

    T. Haber the fact how true that comment is blows my mind I’ve watched them since 2016 and still can’t tell the difference

  • Grace the kitten cat

     9 days ago