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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 12, 2019
  • There is no legal certainty that Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. Stalin in Potsdam July 17, 45 insisted that Hitler managed to escape, and Zhukov August 6, said: "Identified the corpse of Hitler, we have not found." DNA examination of the fragment "Hitler's skull" showed that in reality it belonged to a woman 30-40 years; it is proved that the "corpse of Eva Braun" had nothing to do with Eva Braun. And it would be strange for Hitler to commit suicide, given that, at least since the summer of 43 years in the Reich was a large-scale and systematic preparation for evacuation. First, the leadership of the party, the state and the SS had to be evacuated from Germany. Secondly, gold, art objects. Third, the archives and the most advanced technology at that time. From 43 years Borman began to create outside the Reich hundreds of corporations, which invested Nazi money, mainly "gold party". This problem was solved as part of the operation code-named – Flight of the eagle." Accounts were opened in foreign banks, investment funds were created in foreign companies. For example, in 43-45, more than two hundred German firms registered their branches in Argentina. Monetary and other assets, such as patents for inventions, were transferred through shell companies in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal to Argentine branches of German banks. These funds were then channelled to German companies operating in Argentina, such as the Mercedes Benz automobile company, the first Mercedes plant built outside Germany. The Central offices are inflated to their foreign affiliates production costs for the products. The amounts resulting from the difference between the real price and the transfer price were secretly placed in Argentine banks, and they could be withdrawn after the war, without fear of suspicion from the authorities of Argentina and especially Western allies. The same companies became a source of employment for Nazi war criminals after 45 years. For example, Adolf Eichmann worked in the Mercedes Benz plant in the town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires under the name Ricardo Clement 59, 11 may 60 years, until he was kidnapped by agents of the Israeli intelligence service MOSSAD. Another important aspect of operation Flight of the eagle was the acquisition of stakes or equity interests in foreign companies, particularly in North America. To solve this problem Borman turned to the once largest player in such games – concern IG Farben (And GE Farben). Since its founding in 1926, the giant has acquired many American companies, and they have become part of this global cartel. By the time Germany declared war on the United States, IG Farben owned controlling stakes in 170 American companies and was a minority shareholder in 108 more companies. Bormann turned for advice to its President, Hermann Schmitz, and to the former Reich Minister of Economics Dr. Hjalmar Shaft. Together, they coordinated the movement of Nazi funds through Swiss banks, the Bank for international settlements, or through third parties. __Subscribe to kramola in social networks:VC https://vk.com/kramolainfoOK https://ok.ru/kramolainfoTelegram https://t-do.ru/kramola_infoInstagram https://www.instagram.com/kramola_info/The website http://www.kramola.info#Hitler #third Reich
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SwZCQ62sZWo


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    3:58 убит был скорее всего двойник ГУстав ВеберРанее: 0:36 "экспертиза черепа "Гитлера" показала, что он принадлежал женщине 35-40 лет"Вы уж определитесь

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