PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/UW87fuT2lk0


  • All Static

    All Static

     4 minutes ago

    I got a heart attack watching this

  • Greg Nulik

    Greg Nulik

     22 minutes ago

    Doubt it's going to get the Cool radiator look; that's probably a tester-exclusive. The simpler design is probably the real release.

  • Wildfire


     29 minutes ago

    It annoys me that they're putting a disc drive in it.

    There's literally no need for a disc drive anymore, and if you've ever taken your console apart (to reapply better thermal paste/pads) you'd realise just how much space the disc drive actually takes up.

    They could've scrapped it entirely and made everyone start shifting to digital goods, seen as lots of us already do that anyway (i haven't used a disc in over 10 years) & it would've free'd up more space to either make the console even smaller, or have even better cooling that it will already have.

  • Kebabsås


     33 minutes ago

    I just got banned on ps4 and i’m not gonna buy ps5 and buy xbox scarlett

  • Joshi Sweekar

    Joshi Sweekar

     47 minutes ago


  • Marska *

    Marska *

     55 minutes ago +1

    Yay, new ps4 with faster load times and slightly better graphics...

  • jari little

    jari little

     an hour ago

    I hope skate 3 comes out on ps5

  • Eric Martin

    Eric Martin

     an hour ago

    Bring back silent hill to the ps4 and have at least a 2tb ssd to start with.

  • Donald Ford

    Donald Ford

     an hour ago

    Those are all great titles to remaster but, one I would love to see is the first grand turismo remastered

  • TN Bdeal

    TN Bdeal

     an hour ago

    I turn my vibration off anyway so I'm good shit stupid

  • Movement 2k

    Movement 2k

     an hour ago

    Hopefully its really quieter

  • Bart Maes

    Bart Maes

     an hour ago

    Seriously, is there nobody who's totally bummed out??!! We have to wait a whole f***ing year untill it's launched. I want it NOW!!!

  • Amphuims


     an hour ago

    Am I the only one who hates vibration an turns it off

  • Personal Cook

    Personal Cook

     an hour ago

    I never liked the vibration feature.

  • Real1 '83

    Real1 '83

     an hour ago

    Bring back Def Jam! And please have a new boxing game on ps5 release date.

  • Jesper Karlsson

    Jesper Karlsson

     2 hours ago

    It realy happen this holliday?!

  • ADI B

    ADI B

     2 hours ago

    Will they have mods and custom content for sims 4 on PlayStation 5

  • Yosef Roth

    Yosef Roth

     2 hours ago

    XBOX ALL DAY :D!!!!!!!! HALO AND XBOX ALL IN 2020 !!!

  • RanThaMan


     2 hours ago

    I’m on original ps. Still can’t afford ps2

  • goosebumps


     2 hours ago

    I can login with my ps4 acc to the ps5?