5 Most Powerful Endings In Black Mirror

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • Here is a review of the endings in the Netflix show titled Black Mirror. I choose the five (5) most powerful endings in the show.Subscribe for more videos like this! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/brainpilotTWITTER: https://twitter.com/BrainPilot_INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/brainpilot_/If you enjoyed the video make sure to give it a like and comment. If there is anything you'd like to see in these videos leave a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe.I'll see you next time.Music: LEMMiNO - Moon#BlackMirror #Netflix
  • Source: https://youtu.be/WHmVxosHD_0


  • Jeca Martinez Art

     5 months ago

    I still think about Shut Up and Dance. What a twist ending, and just how they played with the audience’s emotions by casting an actor with the nicest, most innocent-looking face!

  • Estrella M.

     5 hours ago

    @JNCrane cuz he was "socially awkward" I thought it was hard for him to feel comfortable and make a connection with others and that would be worst if his video leaks. Also this kind of problem is common and has destroyed many lifes and the self confidence of others, but well, that wasn't the case. Also I thought he was scared of the hackers and that was why he keeped doing all the stuff.

  • Aymane Hrouch


    @Aster Ginete hahahaha wtf? That was the twist

  • Boxelder MO

     5 months ago

    When i finished shut up and dance i felt completely empty and hopeless.

  • Random Person

     2 days ago


  • bruh idek

     3 days ago

    I was rooting for Kenny the whole time ;(

  • Matthew Dockray

     5 months ago

    Shut up and dance is just absolute pure brilliance

  • VII

     23 days ago

    @Rock Lee "everyone?" Nope, not everyone supports the act of child sexual exploitation for one's own sexual pleasures. What sick fuck are you?

  • VII

     23 days ago

    @krishnaa balaji It is demand and supply. The porn makers supply pornographic images for people like Kenny who demand. If demanding and watching child porn, he is supporting child sexual exploration for his own selfish sexual pleasures. So, he is no different from the porn makers in the crime against innocent and underage children. I better hope you have no children currently or in the future for you show sympathy to a pedophile who is a sexual predator. You and anyone like Kenny make me sick to my st...

  • john thompson

     5 months ago

    On white christmas, the reveal that the daughter walked out and died in the snow shocked me more than anything else in the episode.

  • William Johnson

     2 days ago

    Why 'White Christmas' would not work in real life...Example 1.)Girlfriend/Boyfriend A: "Shut up! Shut up! I'm going to block you!..." *White Silhouette*Girlfriend/Boyfriend B: *Writes on notepad* "Bitch... You know "blocking" me won't block you from these hands!?"Girlfriend/Boyfriend A: *Unblocks*Done

  • Jane Ross

     2 days ago

    @Pathetic absolutely right and this isn't said enough. People focus in on irrelevant details like gender and that's not the point, and also why? All it can possibly lead to, to simplify like that, is inaccuracy. And in matters like that, surely nobody wants inaccuracy. Line them all up against a wall, no matter what gender they are, or whatever anything else they might be. People who cross that line prove themselves too dangerous to remain alive. It's not a happy resolution but it is a necessary ...

  • Chidz Hustle

     5 months ago

    I honestly find Nosedive and Shut up and dance to be special. One is the only truly happy ending, the other makes me sick and gives me chills, “KIDS KENNY”

  • Keelywho

     2 days ago

    yeah I thought nosedive deserved a spot

  • Local Geographic

     2 days ago

    Chell he seems to be doin pretty well for himself and found a good act that fits him so happy compared to most other episodes.I theorize that the whole episode is a world full of cookies and that is like reality tv for this world so noone is actually real in this episode anyway.

  • Iliyas Uddin

     5 months ago

    I love Shut Up and Dance so much, because it's so raw and twisted. Or maybe I'm just a sick person.

  • Uncharted Raider

     14 hours ago

    Bogdan Andjelkovic *FBI OPEN UP*

  • Rebecca Kay

     6 days ago

    I thought he was gay it was a total shock to me.

  • Itsmetayyy

     5 months ago

    I think that black museum should be up there somewhere 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • sicheng's head lice

     2 days ago

    It made me cry lol

  • Izzy X

     4 days ago

    I LIVED for that one

  • Rory

     5 months ago

    metalhead was 41 mins of monochrome anxiety

  • Janeta Maharani

     2 days ago

    Black Museum is the best from season 4. Metalhead is booring

  • Awesome Livy

     8 days ago

    Truth I was so scared the whole time

  • CrackingCody

     5 months ago

    The technology isn't to blame for the downfall of their relationship, it was her being a cheater....

  • Maria

     4 days ago

    Levi Everaerts it was him being a possessive asshole probably the whole time which led her to that

  • aharddaysnight

     5 months ago

    If you didnt like bandersnatch you probably picked sugar puffs

  • Red Lantern's Rage

     5 days ago

    Bandersnatch was awesome....all the 4'th wall breaks were great.....I wouldn't mind if they do another like that sometime....

  • coolwahl

     10 days ago

    Does it make that much of a difference?? I haven’t watched it yet