5 Most Powerful Endings In Black Mirror

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • Here is a review of the endings in the Netflix show titled Black Mirror. I choose the five (5) most powerful endings in the show.Subscribe for more videos like this! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA:PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/brainpilotTWITTER: https://twitter.com/BrainPilot_INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/brainpilot_/If you enjoyed the video make sure to give it a like and comment. If there is anything you'd like to see in these videos leave a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe.I'll see you next time.Music: LEMMiNO - Moon#BlackMirror #Netflix
  • Source: https://youtu.be/WHmVxosHD_0


  • Jeca Martinez Art

    Jeca Martinez Art

     7 months ago +6157

    I still think about Shut Up and Dance. What a twist ending, and just how they played with the audience’s emotions by casting an actor with the nicest, most innocent-looking face!

  • Matthew Dockray

    Matthew Dockray

     7 months ago +5844

    Shut up and dance is just absolute pure brilliance

  • aharddaysnight


     7 months ago +5766

    If you didnt like bandersnatch you probably picked sugar puffs

  • Boxelder MO

    Boxelder MO

     7 months ago +3290

    When i finished shut up and dance i felt completely empty and hopeless.

  • CrackingCody


     7 months ago +3725

    The technology isn't to blame for the downfall of their relationship, it was her being a cheater....

  • Chidz Hustle

    Chidz Hustle

     7 months ago +2981

    I honestly find Nosedive and Shut up and dance to be special. One is the only truly happy ending, the other makes me sick and gives me chills, “KIDS KENNY”

  • john thompson

    john thompson

     7 months ago +2491

    On white christmas, the reveal that the daughter walked out and died in the snow shocked me more than anything else in the episode.

  • Rory


     7 months ago +1631

    metalhead was 41 mins of monochrome anxiety

  • Grace Garmo

    Grace Garmo

     7 months ago +1994

    Shut up and dance is finally getting the credit it deserves! Many people say they didn’t care much for it, but I think it’s one of the most brilliant episodes

  • Iliyas Uddin

    Iliyas Uddin

     7 months ago +2353

    I love Shut Up and Dance so much, because it's so raw and twisted. Or maybe I'm just a sick person.

  • Itsmetayyy


     7 months ago +2102

    I think that black museum should be up there somewhere 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Alien Hunter46

    Alien Hunter46

     7 months ago +1223

    Crocodile was dark AF!

  • C A

    C A

     7 months ago +1035

    With "the history of you" I personally don't feel that it was technology that ruined his life, but the actual gut instinct he had about what happened was right and which led him to paranoia

  • Elran Dorado

    Elran Dorado

     2 months ago +307

    To me, White Bear had the strongest, darkest endings. It brings the question of when is too much too much? Are people capable of forgiveness?

  • Raegan Fordemwalt

    Raegan Fordemwalt

     7 months ago +777

    Nosedive had a powerful ending in my opinion. Unlike the others on this list, it wasn’t tragic or sad, it had hits of happiness and power of free-speech.

  • James Matthew Najera

    James Matthew Najera

     7 months ago +432

    The ending of Hated in the Nation, I think, deserves a slot here. Mob mentality on social media from the comfort and protection of their screens is shattered by giving them real-life consequences from the things they said. One of my favorite episodes.

  • TySoExclusive


     7 months ago +407

    White Christmas is definitely the most dark. Early on in the episode John says “if you don’t talk to people, you go crazy. I love talking to people.” Then he has to live the rest of his life alone, seen as something he is not (he’s not actually a sex offender) on the other hand, 1000 years per minute is incredibly overdoing a punishment even if you left it on for a second. But they left it on for all for Christmas. Let’s say they leave it on for an entire 24 hours, that is 1.4 MILLION years he’s stuck in that room, listening to that song he hates so much. White Christmas’s ending is completely fucked, & it kinda makes me glad that I won’t be around thousands of years from now. Because if you were to get pinned for something you didn’t do, god knows what type of punishment you’d get in that time

  • Guitarfollower22


     2 months ago +58

    Imagine having the looks of John Hamm but everyone sees you as just a red silhouette. What a waste of great genetics.

  • Zayd Kazi

    Zayd Kazi

     2 months ago +38

    White Bear is super underrated imo. Literally I was SHOOK after the ending of it. I feel like it really showed how messed up is normal human beings can be for entertainment.

  • Disclaimered Music

    Disclaimered Music

     2 months ago +107

    I'm sad 15 Million Merits isn't the top one. The main character literally threatens his own life to get out of this assumed simulation, then is handed what he wants--in return for still staying in the system. The end shot makes you wonder if he's actually looking out windows, or just giant screens of the outdoors.