Guess My Income #2 | Lineup | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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  • Molly


     1 months ago +13762

    Can you guys do match GPA to student please?

  • L. Gyger

    L. Gyger

     28 days ago +2396

    The 120k guy's got a great dry humor and doesn't take himself too seriously. I like him.

  • desnayli3 desnayli3

    desnayli3 desnayli3

     1 months ago +1273

    The guy with the yellow shirt looks like a undercover cop looking to bust some teenagers drinking 😂

  • Elliott Tappin

    Elliott Tappin

     1 months ago +2355

    ‘This is a basic white guy in I.T starter pack’ XD

  • Cgreen253


     1 months ago +1139

    He said "55k a year. Still struggling but getting there"..... damn I'm broke

  • Brayden Young

    Brayden Young

     1 months ago +2634

    The girl in all black who grows weed was hella pretty. 🔥🖤🙌🏽



     1 months ago +564

    The mental health clinician guy was pretty down to earth, he seems a great dude to hang out with

  • evelyn preyshilia

    evelyn preyshilia

     1 months ago +1363

    "Hi Tyler.... whats your name?"
    "Ha, close!" 🤣

  • Ashley


     1 months ago +1266

    The black guy in the yellow shirt looks like a Reno 911 cop lmao

  • Janine


     1 months ago +10869

    I need this with a millionaire in the lineup and have everyone Hella shocked

  • Evelyn Grajales

    Evelyn Grajales

     1 months ago +786

    “Do you work at GameStop” had me dying 😂💀😭

  • heyitslill


     28 days ago +188

    It's funny how 16000 dollars income for a year is "broke" in the US. In Hungary with that income you are above the average...

  • BeatsBy Faraz

    BeatsBy Faraz

     1 months ago +1516

    That old woman (not tryna be rude) has such a fun vibe.I haven’t seen many older people carrying that much of good vibes with em.
    Edit-My most liked comment yass
    @farazx_ just a little shoutout lmao
    Edit 2-Stop tripping for me giving myself a shoutout.If you don’t like it then go fys.

  • Narekah Baker

    Narekah Baker

     1 months ago +203

    '"i know that your jeans are ripped but they're nicely ripped" lol

  • Jenna Warnock

    Jenna Warnock

     1 months ago +6455

    That older lady had an AMAZING strategy, kudos to her

  • STAN NCT or be a square

    STAN NCT or be a square

     21 days ago +136

    "Hello, Tyler."
    "Tyler, no."
    Love how he stuck to his name being Tyler

  • KhoPhi


     28 days ago +70

    That first guy smells, glows and radiates gentlemanship, in every direction!

  • ThePenGuy


     1 months ago +210

    every one scrolling through comments looking for pornstar name?

  • Jinan


     28 days ago +83

    bro the asian dude in purple was actually really cute does anyone know his instagram

  • De Koff

    De Koff

     1 months ago +12952

    I am very disappointed that Lucas is not named Tyler