Why Breaking Bad is Full of Swimming Pools

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • In Breaking Bad, why do terrible things keep happening around the swimming pools? Today let's take a look at the secret symbolism of the pool and find out how this all-American fixture has been offering us a secret window into the story - and characters like Walter White and Gus Fring - all along. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thetakeFollow The Take on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ThisIsTheTake, Twitter: http://twitter.com/ThisIsTheTake, and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThisIsTheTakeWe are The Take (formerly ScreenPrism).
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZM_1jRPTKwo


  • The Take

     23 days ago

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  • Tollef killer

     2 days ago

    u do know Walter take a swim in their pool when he lights all his money on fire?

  • joseph watson

     17 days ago

    8:00 'Possible' lover?

  • yoloswag thuglifeselfie

     23 days ago

    This show continues to blow my mind, years after. I learn something new every time I watch it

  • Mauricio Cruz

     15 hours ago

    yoloswag thuglifeselfie: Just watched it for the 1st time and wow.....well done💥!

  • Marlon Nodal

     18 days ago

    Box cutters*

  • Sagarneel Ghoshal

     23 days ago

    Skyler: Wanna hear a joke?Walt: OKSkyler: knock kno-Walt: I am the one who knocks

  • Thomas Mitchell

     17 days ago


  • Mohamed Elsharkawy

     18 days ago

    😂😂😂💯💯💯 Good one bro

  • Alex Armogan

     23 days ago

    Who else hopes this channel never stops analyzing breaking bad? Always intriguing and fun to watch these videos.

  • HeavyStonerDoomBlues

     17 days ago

    I’ve only seen 3 vids of it and I agreed with you while the first one wasn’t even over.

  • rdecredico

     20 days ago

    Nagger please. This is serious horseshit being peddled here by from people that have no creative or original ideas.

  • Fryderyk Łaski

     23 days ago

    Nobody:The Take: All the secrets behind forks in Breaking Bad


     18 days ago


  • Caillan Adkins

     20 days ago

    @Halfdime love it!

  • M w M

     20 days ago

    The take: breaking bad is the deepest show on the planetVince Gilligan: nope I just like pools

  • Satwinder Singh

     23 days ago

    Ah yes, I needed a breaking bad video after watching game of thrones last week

  • TheGrouchyGamer

     19 days ago

    @Not Alfie You have absolutely no clue, and are blindly (and unsucessfully) defending some of the worst writing ever put to screen. None of the core themes that the show opened with were upheld, evidenced by your total lack of examples to suggest otherwise.

  • The Engineer

     19 days ago

    thank u man I agree

  • margareth michelina

     21 days ago

    The True Stars of Breaking Bad:1. Breakfasts2. The Pool3. Answering Machines4. Walt's Underwear5. Rocks, I mean Minerals.

  • Matthew Klepadlo

     12 days ago

    margareth michelina Mmn~ Those Tighty Walter Whiteys~

  • Andrew Eric

     17 days ago

    As if shows are about somebody’s face

  • Venus Athena

     23 days ago

    You guys even can make me watching 15 minutes about swimming pool without make it boring. I'm speechless

  • Adam Firth

     16 days ago

    @Farabi Seiilbek And they were being sarcastic

  • Farabi Seiilbek

     18 days ago

    Venus Athena he was joking

  • pointless irony

     23 days ago

    A 15 minute video about swimming pools? Hell yeah

  • Stoned GhostFace

     18 days ago

    @Adam Hasluck I'm laughing so hard right now

  • Adam Hasluck

     19 days ago

    I guess that's the @pointless irony of it all