10 Black Mirror Predictions That Turned Out To Be True

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • The scariest thing about Black Mirror is how close to reality it really is! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

    The world is changing so quickly that only one show seems to be keeping up. Black Mirror follows the breakneck trends in technology and presents us with a believable and nerve-wracking future. The cautionary tales of this anthology series feel so real and strangely relatable, it’s almost as if we’re looking at ourselves in the present. That’s probably because much of the technological advancements, cybersecurity threats, and evolved social behaviors are occurring right now in our own reality. So ScreenRant is going through the unbelievable tales of this modern day Twilight Zone and unveiling 10 things from Black Mirror that are already happening.

    Google is giving us self-driving cars and contact lenses are in the works to record memories from the wearer’s point of view. A system of social media-based ratings won’t just be limited to businesses on Yelp, but to each and every person in China. Augmented Reality is more than a tool for gaming manufacturers, it provides a training environment for our government. Robots will replace our appliances, our pets, and perhaps even us. With our jobs set to be taken over by machines, we might have to earn our keeps by participating in merit-based programs. And while we track our health with computers and governments track their enemies with drones, there’s no telling what data is tracked by secret applications and hidden hackers. It’s a scary nightmarish world out there and Black Mirror provides some uncomfortable answers while asking some more concerning questions.

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  • empbac


     14 days ago


    So true.

  • Leo Liu

    Leo Liu

     14 days ago

    The descriptions of 芝麻信用 are ridiculously wrong.

  • Trinity Livingston

    Trinity Livingston

     2 months ago

    Why I like this show is because in a way, it's basically our reality!😗😗

  • David Evans

    David Evans

     3 months ago

    They should do a "Black Mirror" episode, were the protagonist, turns the table and become the antagonist. To see if the viewers allegiance changes, to see who they ultimately sympathize with.

    Then have them rate the episode, also have the multiple endings option installed. You could have like an ending were the character doesn't change and just become the victim, have him crushed at the end by say... well you get my meaning. Or have him do a John Connor hack the AI & destroys it in time travel. Well... the options could be numerous.

  • David Evans

    David Evans

     3 months ago

    My hope, is that the final conclusion episode will bring about a coherent conclusion of all the episodes, fan fiction theories are already doing this. :)

  • Jurassic Coast Comics

    Jurassic Coast Comics

     3 months ago

    Wtf is black mirror?!

  • gold dust woman

    gold dust woman

     4 months ago

    Wait do we???😂🤣

  • Triggered Wehraboo machine gunner

    Triggered Wehraboo machine gunner

     4 months ago

    Predictions? More like another bullshittery things that we already saw coming before black mirror

  • Apple Ipad

    Apple Ipad

     4 months ago

    Don’t Worry, this will all disappear in 2029..
    If ya know what I’m talking about😐..

  • Gustavo Dominguez

    Gustavo Dominguez

     4 months ago +2

    The drone dogs from Black Mirror were already a real thing. They were created from MIT students a while back. I wouldn't call it a prediction.

  • ShadowBoxing


     6 months ago

    That social credit system looks terrible.. unless i want some Street Cred.. and become a rapper lol 🤔

  • Dirk-Ulrich Heise

    Dirk-Ulrich Heise

     8 months ago

    What, TV arseholes make cheap drama from current tech prototype news and you idiots call that a prediction?

  • Liusila


     9 months ago

    They’re not predictions - surely Charlie Brooker has the Internet and can read the news.

  • Redbean GNG

    Redbean GNG

     9 months ago

    robo dogs Metal head was inspired from boston dynamics. not a similiar but inspire

  • Rs Rt

    Rs Rt

     11 months ago

    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

  • scottshiggy


     a years ago +1

    "We have the ability to keep it from going too far." Yeah till AI gets sentience.

  • J A L L A R D S

    J A L L A R D S

     a years ago +1

    I haven't watched the series yet so it was a whole spoiler to me

  • Arushi Dutt

    Arushi Dutt

     a years ago +1

    So basically, we're fucked.

  • Dom


     a years ago +2

    How are these predictions ?

  • John McNeil

    John McNeil

     a years ago

    The video game episode scared the hell outta me, with that big ass spider son