Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 24, 2018
  • Star Wars gave us the Lightsaber. Disney threw it away. Why doesn’t Disney understand Star Wars and especially the lightsaber? We all wanted one as a kid, now, not so much. I’ll also show you which movie Rian Johnson copied for the Throne Room scene. It will surprise you. What has Kathleen Kennedy done to Star Wars?

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    Thanks to Drunk 3PO for his “Rey” lightsaber photo (check out his YouTube channel)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/c85KaDSMIRM


  • skyler harnish

    skyler harnish

     37 minutes ago

    Tis but a flesh wound

  • Rxsh_Gamer 961

    Rxsh_Gamer 961

     an hour ago

    Disney ruined star wars
    But i like the amour from the royal guards

  • Kevin Hedman

    Kevin Hedman

     3 hours ago

    I’m not one for liking videos or subscribing or commenting but holy crap you earned it. You hit the nail on the head with ever one of these star wars videos. I’ve been trying to put them out of my mind and just enjoy the Lucas films and rogue one but man this takes me back to the confusion and hate I felt for what Disney has done to Star Wars. They do not care. Johnson does not understand Star Wars. You are absolutely right. You cannot watch the Last Jedi and think “this guy gets Star Wars”. If you are looking at this as a Star Wars film it is an atrocious piece of garbage. If not it’s an okay movie with lots of flaws and a bland story.

  • Bilbo Swaggins

    Bilbo Swaggins

     3 hours ago

    They’re not even laser swords, they’re made of plasma...

  • Ed Rawr2

    Ed Rawr2

     9 hours ago

    Finally someone said it...Disney took episode 8 & 9 and took a Huge crap on it.
    Everything you pointed out i noticed. I thought i was the only one.

    P.s. Fuck Luke Skywalker

  • David Jefferies

    David Jefferies

     9 hours ago

    I agree this is ridiculous luke and Vader got their hands chopped off by lightsabers requiring robot hands

  • Daniel  Schönberger

    Daniel Schönberger

     14 hours ago

    Hui, Disney is childish

  • Holy Brapoly

    Holy Brapoly

     15 hours ago

    7:04 LMAO 😂😭

  • Ирина Ручко

    Ирина Ручко

     15 hours ago

    Robot Head: jedis
    Star Wars fans: angery

  • Layton Clouser

    Layton Clouser

     17 hours ago

    Looks like someone couldn’t comprehend just barely hitting someone especially when Kylo just barely avoided reys blow to the face

  • Yearlonggiant


     17 hours ago +1

    What really made Disney’s Lightsabers so weak was in all honesty the fact most characters just have Scratches rather than noticeable Cut marks.
    Finn should’ve been Stuck in a Bacta tank the majority of The Last Jedi. And Kylo would need to keep his mask on in order to survive the damage to his Neck, the irony of being a fanboy of Vader you live with his pain.

    The only exception in the Prequels where a Lightsaber left Cut Marks was in the duel between Obi-Wan and Dooku, but there’s an excuse there for plot armor. Other than that if a Lightsaber so much as tapped against a persons appendage they would lose that part of your body

  • Me And You

    Me And You

     18 hours ago

    Fuck Disney...

  • Christen Zavala

    Christen Zavala

     20 hours ago

    Disney sucks should of just stayed with Mickey Mouse lol

  • Borsalino Kizaru

    Borsalino Kizaru

     21 hours ago +1

    Rey has some of the worst characterization I’ve ever seen for a main protagonist in a modern shared-universe movie (worse than even a DC movie). Even Lando had more depth than Rey. She obtains most of her skills from nowhere with no explanation and they just hand wave this huge issue in the plot because they can’t be bothered to properly flesh out their main protagonist in 3 very long movies. She also has extremely weak motivations compared to Luke. While Luke is driven by his wish to not only fight the dark side but also redeem his father, Rey is just fighting the dark side because apparently nobody else can stand up to Kylo. Ever heard of a concept called Chekhov’s Gun? This film has as much consistency as the final season of Game of Thrones.

  • Tired


     22 hours ago

    I think most people could write a better fan fiction then this.

    Let’s all admit, Disney just has horrible writers.

  • MauiWaui 024

    MauiWaui 024

     22 hours ago

    It’s like they’re hitting them with the tip of the lightsaber so it won’t cut their limbs off

  • KeybladeWXV


     22 hours ago

    Apart from the Shock Baton argument. (Magnaguards were Jedi Killers in the CIS Droid Army and we’re equipped with Electro staffs to engage Jedi without their weapons being cleaved in 2) This was absolutely spot on.

  • Gavin Rios

    Gavin Rios

     23 hours ago

    They ruined the art of the lightsabers

  • TheCosplayhouse


     23 hours ago

    everyone pause at 1:59 and find these accounts...I am right now. if you actually look at the accounts, they are all sad cunts that think they are better then everyone XD

  • TheCosplayhouse


     23 hours ago

    someone said that holdo was logical....my nephew who is 5 even said "uncle luke...why didn't she tell poe the plan??"