Most BIZARRE Archaeological Discoveries!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 25, 2019
  • Hi everyone, it’s Katrina! When it comes to archaeology, there are always new discoveries popping up, sometimes when you least expect it!! From little kids accidentally uncovering ancient bones on the playground, to palaces unearthed in distant lands, and even a new Stonehenge, here are 11 amazing archaeological discoveries.

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    11. Ancient Burial Mound
    In 2006, a group of kindergartners in France got quite the scare when they came upon 5600-year-old human remains.
    After accidentally digging up bones in their playground, it was discovered that the school the children went to was built on top of an ancient burial mound.

    10. Sorcerer’s Stones Found in Pompeii
    No, it’s not another Harry Potter book, but these ancient stones found recently in Pompeii are definitely headline-worthy.
    Found in a room in the Casa del Giardino, or House of the Garden, this treasure trove of objects was used in fertility spells by an ancient Roman sorcerer. They were located in an area believed to have been the servants’ quarters in a wooden chest with bronze hinges.

    8. Ancient Palace of Iraq
    An ancient palace once under water in Iraq has recently emerged.
    Discovered in the Mosul Dam reservoir on the banks of the Tigris River, the 3400-year-old palace emerged after water levels dropped due to drought.
    Seen as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the region in decades, the palace originally stood 65 feet from the river on an elevated terrace.

    7. Ram-Headed Sphinx
    Every time you turn on the news, there seems to be another amazing discovery made in Egypt. In March 2019, archaeologists discovered a 3000-year-old carving workshop that contained several unfinished sculptures. Chiseled from sandstone, one of the discoveries inside the workshop, a ram-headed sphinx, is believed to date to the time of the 18th dynasty.

    6. Witchcraft Potion
    What do Saratoga Springs, NY and the small village of Northamptonshire in England have in common? They are both connected to a strange discovery at a British pub.
    A 19th Century bottle found recently during roof repairs is believed to have once belonged to a witch who lived in the UK before moving to NY at the age of 15.

    5. Mummified Mice
    When you hear of mummies, you normally think of humans. Maybe the occasional cat or bull. But it might be safe to say that you never expected mummified mice to be found in an Egyptian tomb.

    4. Aztec Sacrifices
    In downtown Mexico City, archaeologists have discovered a trove of Aztec sacrifices and artifacts. But what's most exciting about the find? It could lead to the discovery of an Aztec emperor's tomb.
    Sacrificial offerings were found in a stone box off the steps of the Aztec Templo Mayor in downtown.

    3. 5th Dynasty Tomb in Egypt
    When you first see images of the 5th dynasty tomb discovered in Egypt in April 2019, you would be surprised to realize that the tomb is estimated to be 4,400 years old.

    2. Roman Shipwreck in Cyprus
    Finding shipwrecks in the ocean is pretty cool but kind of expected. However, when the remains of an ancient Roman shipwreck were found off the coast of Cyprus, researchers were stunned.

    1. Spanish Stonehenge
    Residents near Peraleda de la Mata in Spain grew up hearing legends of a sunken treasure, and thanks to a drought, they are now finding the legend is, in fact, true.

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