The NETFLIX Problem

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 22, 2019
  • The Streaming Industry will Collapse. Here's why.Sandvines Internet Phenomena reporthttps://www.sandvine.com/resourcesOn Paramount V United stateshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGsLh...Images Courtesy of Freepik.comMusic:Serenity and Meditation by Magic FadersOffice Lobby Day - Trickster Online OSTDigital Atmosphere by Konstantin KasyanovGentle Evening by Konstantin KasyanovBuy PiA:https://www.privateinternetaccess.com...Hi Mini People from displate, this comment is to prove my identity
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  • Just Using

     1 months ago

    You know who deserves a round of applause? 123movies

  • şaî :ļ

     9 hours ago

    The safe one is kimcartoon.to

  • staffie king 92

     15 hours ago

    I hate ads on 123 movies best one is leonflix

  • Weirdette

     13 days ago

    Basically, we went from cable to digital cable.

  • luise6313

     10 days ago

    Lol tbh I was just thinking about this like companies went a step backwards by being greedy and wanting to get into the streaming service

  • Second Take

     10 days ago

    Cable over the Internet.

  • Lvly

     11 days ago

    I have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the only thing I tend to watch is YouTube 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Succ mah kiwi


    Literally same

  • Luis Gonzalez

     5 days ago

    + cable

  • Bender Rodriguez

     18 days ago

    Piracy is up because im not going to pay for every streaming service fool! LOL

  • Jamie C

     9 days ago

    And i guess this was the point right?

  • Ali Star

     10 days ago

    My Uncle works in the film industry and I swear they work like animals...my uncle was working until 2 am in the morning during shooting for high demanded shows.I mean I understand you don't want to pay but think about it, you work hard and people don't bother to pay you for it.

  • ChanceS

     10 days ago

    "i mean technically youtube has its own originals but no one gives a shit about those" Haha true. The problem is Youtube was created for free streaming, and people got soo used to it, to the point that when youtube offers videos that cost 5$ or more people be like "why would i watch that when there's alot of videos to watch for free".

  • Samy Zegaï

     5 days ago

    Origin is pretty amazing though ( youtube originals )

  • Krysten Cabbage

     1 months ago

    Reasons I use Netflix: 1. My parents have an account that they let me use for free. 2. Some of the original shows/movies are pretty good. 3. My parents have an account that they let me use for free.

  • Nelson Mendes

     11 days ago

    You know it is illegal now to do that with your parents netflix account!

  • MuahMan

     13 days ago

    Reasons I sail the high seas. Yar! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!:1. Free no commercials. Easy to bing, Easy to pause2. I hate Hollywood and their commie ways. 3. free

  • Wellshot

     11 days ago

    Actually... If you pause a serie on Amazone Prime, it will tell you which actors are in the specific scene/moment you paused

  • Jacob Zijlstra

     9 hours ago

    yeah, that is a nice feature of prime, however, the rest of prime kind of sucks. the search mechanism is terrible, not to mention, try going to a non-english country, they wont even have the original english audio available for most of what they have on there.

  • Melva Wages

     3 days ago

    my prime doesn't

  • Yaakov Reed

     13 days ago

    Yea, I didn't switch to anyone... I just cancelled Netflix.


     10 days ago

    smart. very smart.

  • Jerome Dechant

     11 days ago

    me too.

  • SomeNiceICE

     12 days ago

    tbh I started using 123movies over Netflix lately

  • Juniorey

     10 days ago

    U didn’t hear it from me but popcorn time is something ya ain’t giving enough recognition

  • Zackmicrowave '

     10 days ago

    use movieboxpro

  • Sebastian Sefyu

     12 days ago

    Bro do you get Paid by word per minute?

  • Kian Ontong

     8 days ago

    slow down video

  • Justin Y.

     10 days ago

    Boopy Schmoops amen