The NETFLIX Problem

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 22, 2019
  • The Streaming Industry will Collapse. Here's why.Sandvines Internet Phenomena reporthttps://www.sandvine.com/resourcesOn Paramount V United stateshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGsLh...Images Courtesy of Freepik.comMusic:Serenity and Meditation by Magic FadersOffice Lobby Day - Trickster Online OSTDigital Atmosphere by Konstantin KasyanovGentle Evening by Konstantin KasyanovBuy PiA:https://www.privateinternetaccess.com...Hi Mini People from displate, this comment is to prove my identity
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  • Just Using

    Just Using

     3 months ago +8677

    You know who deserves a round of applause? 123movies

  • Memion


     1 months ago +595

    the worst part of this is that some pirate sites are generally better than sites that cost money

  • Jamie Lamie

    Jamie Lamie

     1 months ago +250

    "Sell your lock screen to advertisers" dude shut up they'll hear you

  • Darcy Cardinal

    Darcy Cardinal

     1 months ago +659

    Pretty clever. We switched from Cable to streaming, and the media companies noticed. Now they are dividing up the streaming services and the cost will soon be more than cable.

  • Junipoo


     1 months ago +949

    Actually when you watch amazon prime and pause it does give you information about the episode and the scene and the music that is playing.

  • Naik Thecat

    Naik Thecat

     4 months ago +2863

    There's also the problem of region locked content. As much as I can understand Netflix still suffers from this. Not the same problem but still something that could lead to piracy :/

  • Cloudous


     1 months ago +2125

    It can be summarized like this, when i first got Netflix, they had a library of 22000 shows and movies, and now it is below 5000, and cost way more,

  • AscendedBeyond


     1 months ago +121

    It's just gonna turn into cable on the internet but way more expensive. We dont have ads to subsidize the cost so we're gonna get drained. This is the endgame.

  • Gabriel Bright

    Gabriel Bright

     1 months ago +189

    Netflix has no new innovations? How dare you diss my minecraft story mode

  • Richard Servello

    Richard Servello

     1 months ago +461

    Market fragmentation leads to piracy...it always happens. If the choice is piracy or pay $10/month for 1 show...yeah, piracy always wins.

  • Quantum Proton

    Quantum Proton

     4 months ago +2395

    People: I wish Show X was still on Netflix.
    Me: googles watch Show X free online

  • Kix Musaid

    Kix Musaid

     1 months ago +56

    I agree, more streaming services is just a drag, I’m not going to get Disney+ and I will have fewer shows on Netflix

  • ajshim


     1 months ago +148

    For me Netflix 2019 has so little to offer. Everything I want to watch has either ended or got pulled out.
    Unless these shows get a print release, I won't be able to watch them once my funding dries up.

  • Facu AF

    Facu AF

     1 months ago +44

    In 2010, by spending 15$ you would get 300 shows.
    In 2020, to get those 300 shows, you would have to spend over 100$

  • Ben Grossen

    Ben Grossen

     1 months ago +56

    People are willing to pay for convenience, you take that away and piracy will rise again...thanks for the video

  • Weirdette


     2 months ago +2230

    Basically, we went from cable to digital cable.

  • Tohawk


     1 months ago +27

    easy. Everyone has the right to use intelectual property but must pay the holder a share of their income.

  • Kelsey Ainslie

    Kelsey Ainslie

     1 months ago +837

    People: "Piracy is bad because it means companies wont make money on the stuff you watch"
    Me: "Not if I wouldn't watch them otherwise"

  • Evelyn Johnson

    Evelyn Johnson

     1 months ago +84

    it kind of comes down to the fact that these companies used to care about their users. used to

  • Pauwel.


     1 months ago +32

    What about early releases for the original series
    and public release after a while