Animals Being Jerks

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Animals Being Jerks
  • Source: https://youtu.be/fFJ-EDRlb5U




     2 hours ago

    i can relate to 4:20 so much.. working from home with cats is a challenge in itself

  • Abigail levita

    Abigail levita

     3 hours ago


  • blafuckyou


     7 hours ago

    Fuck this music !!!

  • yohan beck

    yohan beck

     12 hours ago

    7.45 had great luls -bu8t the music... Can't handle more.

  • Kiksii Diriiksii

    Kiksii Diriiksii

     17 hours ago

    5:22 He be like, “Don’t even think about it”

  • willowraine725


     21 hours ago

    Was that a Fennec Fox at the end? What music? Oh that’s right I had my sound muted the whole time, while listening to an audiobook!

  • 143cat




  • Jill Conner

    Jill Conner


    Why do people record themselves working out?

  • Устим Перцев

    Устим Перцев


    12.47 Серьёзный зверь!

  • IronRain 15

    IronRain 15


    Holy shit, never knew ant eaters square up like that. They straight up man dance when they throw down.

  • Karen Mullen

    Karen Mullen


    I can't believe that duck Bit that dog on the weeny

  • Karen Mullen

    Karen Mullen


    The shat-upon Penguin looks as though it has been there in the same place for a while and that it has happened many times

  • Patrick Thibaut

    Patrick Thibaut


    The human being a jerk is the one that chose the music. :-)

  • Karen Mullen

    Karen Mullen


    1:16 That cat chewing up that Styrofoam cooler got fuggdupp getting a whopping big chunk stuck in his mouth!

  • Kosinski Music

    Kosinski Music


    Jeez will this music ever end?

  • SpaceMonkey 907

    SpaceMonkey 907


    Lmao 9:10 mark. Elephant and silly goose killed me

  • Selinor578



    7:44 This "toilet paper" one is always faked. The paper would tear as it was dragged around the corners.

  • David K

    David K

     2 days ago +5

    People who abuse animals should be locked up and forced to listen to this song on repeat 24/7 for their entire sentence.

  • Uwemedimo Usa

    Uwemedimo Usa

     2 days ago

    If this isn't every second born child everywhere

  • Micah Williams

    Micah Williams

     2 days ago +1

    12:17 "NOT TODAY"