Вся Правда о Глобальном Потеплении - Топ 10 фактов о глобальной афере с климатом

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • It's carbon dioxide. It is he who causes global warming, which means that each of us is a criminal, destroying the planet. Glaciers are melting, the temperature is increasing...

    But... Avast. CO2 is a colorless gas, what does IT have to do with these exhausts? And what impact can it have if it is 15 hundredths of a percent of all greenhouse gases?

    Why are we forced to fight carbon dioxide instead of fighting dust, or, for example, with plastic and garbage, which on the planet is already a continent - the so-called Pacific garbage patch? Who benefits? Let's understand.

    Let's start with a quote from the President of the American Academy of Sciences Frederick Seitz, and this statement was signed by 15 thousand of his colleagues in science.

    "There is no conclusive scientific evidence that anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases cause or may cause catastrophic warming of The earth's atmosphere and destruction of its climate in the foreseeable future."

    And here is a quote from the intergovernmental group of experts to the UN for 2013:

    "Human influence has been the main cause of warming observed since the mid-twentieth century."

    Which one is right? Let's take it one at a time.

    The climate is really changing. Since the beginning of the century, the average temperature has risen by 0.74 degrees.

    But the climate has changed throughout the history of the earth.

    There was a medieval climatic optimum, during which for three hundred years in the circumpolar latitudes of Norway it was possible to sow grains, in Scotland grapes were grown, and today Greenland, chained in glaciers, was a thriving inhabited Norwegian colony.

    There was also the so-called "little ice age". In 1438, the streets of Paris came to escape from the cold wolves from the Bois de Boulogne, and in Russia in the dashing 1600s snow in the European part of the country for several years fell in September.

    So climate change has been, is and will be, serious climate scientists do not deny it. But they deny the myth of global warming.

    Here is a quote from the Director Of the Institute of geography, academician Vladimir Kotlyakov.

    “In fact, the Kyoto Protocol and the whole problem of global warming are not scientifically justified. There is no evidence that warming will continue.

    There's too much politics and too much money involved. In itself, the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate is minimal.“

    This graph shows studies of Greenland's ice core.

    Over the past 15 thousand years, the planet has quietly experienced a one-time temperature increase of 10 degrees, 11 degrees, and a cooling of the same 10-8 degrees. Plus or minus 2-3 degrees is the norm for the Earth.

    And adherents of global warming annually launder 150 billion dollars in the fight against 1.5 degrees, instead of solving really important environmental problems.

    The planet is an exceptionally balanced system, humanity has virtually no influence on these processes. Here is a vivid example. The recent explosion of a volcano in Iceland, which stopped all air traffic for a week, gave more CO2 THAN all of humanity in 10 years.

    Moreover, everything is turned upside down.

    It is not the temperature that is rising because of the increase IN CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, but the carbon dioxide that is increasing because it has become warmer. This is a scientific fact, proved as a result of studies of ice cores in Antarctica by experts from the St. Petersburg mining Institute.

    When drilling the thickness of the ice sheet at the station "Vostok" in Antarctica, the CO2 content in air bubbles, which were found in the ice mass, was measured. Measurements showed that at first the temperature changed, and only after it, after 500-600 years - the concentration of CO2.

    Why 500-600 years?

    During this time, the upper layer of the world's oceans is completely mixed, in which carbon dioxide is 90 times more than in the atmosphere.

    Speaking of the ocean. There is a cornerstone of all climatic theory-allegedly the world ocean warms, and it is terrible, after all it provokes melting of glaciers. But the facts say otherwise.

    There is a global Argo system.

    It consists of 3341 buoys with sensors at a depth of 100 meters, they are directly connected to special satellites. This system covers all the oceans of the Earth fairly evenly. Sensors show a widespread drop in temperature.

    But if the ocean is a giant accumulator and changes there are extremely slow-tens and hundreds of years, and even if it has already begun to cool, what kind of warming can we talk about? Rather, it is time to prepare just for the cold snap.
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