What Celebrities are MEAN in real life?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 27, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/gNNSlfcOBAY


  • Dacen Grano

    Dacen Grano

     3 months ago +3635

    Pewds and Marzia have both disappeared from social media 3-4 days ago and the last couple videos are clearly pre-recorded based on the time of upload.
    They're marrying somewhere, I'm telling you
    Edit: AND it's been exactly a year since the proposal. 27th of April.

  • Alejandro Castro

    Alejandro Castro

     3 months ago +880

    My dad once ran into Adam Sandler filming a movie in the hospital and I can’t tell you guys how nice he is. Adam Sandler saw that my father obviously knew who he was and asked if my dad wanted a picture. He was literally going to his set and he asked if my dad wanted a picture. He was so kind and funny.

  • SuperThischannel


     3 months ago +247

    For a full second I thought it was keemstar

  • ravey23


     3 months ago +735

    tbh, there is honestly nothing wrong with taking these guys story and posting them on youtube. That might sound rude, but the moment they click that post button they also agreed to the fact that this story can be seen by anyone on the internet, so as long as any of those reddit youtubers didn't claim any of the posts as their own, there's really nothing wrong with it

  • Aaron Jackier

    Aaron Jackier

     3 months ago +621

    Also, did Pewds send Ken to the Ranch?

  • Wesley Knippels

    Wesley Knippels

     3 months ago +4153

    Pewdiepie should make a second channel, post contend there first , and then post it on main channel , so he can claim his own video and if someone wants to claim his video , he cant , the video is already claimed. NP for solving the dr phil problem

  • Hayden Burkholder

    Hayden Burkholder

     3 months ago +140

    I'm glad Felix and Ken are friends! They are some of my favorite creators and their personalities mesh very well.

  • VlogHolla


     3 months ago +130

    “He probably didn’t appreciate being lied to” OOF OUCH OWIE

  • Bella R

    Bella R

     3 months ago +252

    Kens camera quality is better than Felix’s 😂

  • Ethan Gilchrist

    Ethan Gilchrist

     3 months ago +65

    Meanwhile, in Pewdiepie's inbox:
    You have received a takedown request from:
    Alec Baldwin
    Alicia Keys
    Frank Sinatra
    Luke Bryan
    Steven Tyler
    Tiger Woods
    Tobey Maguire

  • daddy af

    daddy af

     3 months ago +1280

    2 grown men with cat ears just reading subreddits, ah yes the finer of content on YouTube.

  • Gecko&KingGaming


     3 months ago +115

    It sounds like Patrick Stewart was just screwing with the guy lol

  • Eliaquim Guedes Crispim

    Eliaquim Guedes Crispim

     3 months ago +73

    I really came to see them talking about Ellen, but I was let down fojsdfijsdfij

  • GrazerBitz


     3 months ago +58

    i'm too distracted by that amazing collection of NES games in the background. Thank you Ken, very cool

  • Bobby Big Potatoes

    Bobby Big Potatoes

     3 months ago +29

    i like how the majority of youtube content is just people reacting to posts on a different social media

  • Danni Bõiii

    Danni Bõiii

     3 months ago +2726

    I love how Pewds is rich and has 94 m subs, but still Ken has three times better quality🤣😂

  • RLROSE1986


     3 months ago +81

    I once met glen danzig. He asked me what I was doing back stage because I'm "not hot". I asked him the very same question...

  • Brianna Creswell

    Brianna Creswell

     3 months ago +38


  • Karmen Richardson

    Karmen Richardson

     3 months ago +36

    Stag do - men’s party before the wedding.
    Hen do - women’s party before the wedding.

  • Mei Li

    Mei Li

     3 months ago +11

    I feel like in NYC it's an unspoken rule with locals that you don't bother the celebs...
    It's always the tourists man