Optic Gaming vs Enigma6 | CWL Champs 2019 | Day 4

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/gT8PgRShP68


  • Teeegaming



    Who is still here after this roster no longer exist??? 😔😔😔

  • Quinn Eagleson

    Quinn Eagleson

     4 days ago +1

    14:56 Dashey 5 man
    15:58 TJ
    50:20 Dashey tempest
    59:00 Karma

  • bfudge


     7 days ago

    14:50 literally dashy is goated I remember watching this live and just got chills bro.

    And them 15:50 TJ gave me more chills

  • Alex Reed

    Alex Reed

     7 days ago

    Just rewatching this but after hearing that Scump and Teej had beef you see at the end how Scump wouldnt give him a fist bump

  • Brad Klingbeil

    Brad Klingbeil

     1 months ago

    I come back to this just to watch that map 1. The energy from the casters and crowd while TJ and Dash were going off is insane

  • Guido Haverkort

    Guido Haverkort

     1 months ago

    22:09 sick rhymes😂

  • Kyle Von Schoppe

    Kyle Von Schoppe

     1 months ago

    Watching now in October I can’t wait to watch the 2020 season. This stuff gets me so hype

  • Josh Provance

    Josh Provance

     1 months ago

    Karma played terrible...

  • JCooper10315


     1 months ago

    Ed Oliver jersey spotted #BillsMafia

  • Digni_Espectrum Ghost

    Digni_Espectrum Ghost

     1 months ago

    Dashy what os your problem hahaha you are a beast 5on screen!!

  • KiZee Gaming

    KiZee Gaming

     2 months ago

    So disappointing they didn’t win 🤦‍♂️

  • Music Lover21

    Music Lover21

     2 months ago

    They didn't convice me that they can win camps. 1st round gave me hope but E6 made it hard for them in the other rounds. If it a diff team like LG, 100T, EU or Faze they would've capitalize one of there player struggling or lack of tacticts they seem to put on each other. Optic talent is always there but you need more nowadays. Team work is a big part in BO4 just saying.

  • B Cook

    B Cook

     2 months ago

    My boys came to play

  • たかピー


     3 months ago


  • Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandez

     3 months ago

    Goosebumps when them commentators said “ THIS IS HUGE THIS IS HUGE DAMON BARLOW WITH THE SLAM WITTHHH THEEEE SLAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Ervin Xhemali

    Ervin Xhemali

     3 months ago

    Great games!

  • Engin Gündüz

    Engin Gündüz

     3 months ago

    Karma literally fucked e6 on control

  • CHOPii


     3 months ago

    Dashy and TJ fucking went off damn

  • Jay Wils

    Jay Wils

     3 months ago

    Scump been a god

  • Mada Faka

    Mada Faka

     3 months ago

    If optic wins champ then this win will be the best of there champs