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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/gbUnuR02hJY


  • Bye Felicia

    Bye Felicia

     2 months ago +4507

    "I've done nothing for an hour and I feel like a loser"
    but.. i literally do this everyday

  • Alexis Martinez

    Alexis Martinez

     2 months ago +2681

    Is it me or did u also notice a difference in her skin after the facial like woah that was fast

  • Delatine :/

    Delatine :/

     1 months ago +2779

    this is how many times emma got honked at

  • Hey it's Mak Mak

    Hey it's Mak Mak

     1 months ago +1518

    This is how many cups of coffee Emma has had today

  • sunnysideup C

    sunnysideup C

     1 months ago +564

    emma scared of being bored going on a trip by herself
    me scared of being kidnapped going on a trip by myself

  • lauren b

    lauren b

     2 months ago +15757

    Evidence that you were here before 8 mil
    u can still like it if u want

  • zachary0228


     1 months ago +631

    No one:
    Actually no one:
    Emma: drives with her left foot up on the seat

  • Elana Grace

    Elana Grace

     1 months ago +285

    I legit would’ve taken a 12 hour bath bc that tub=luxury

  • Roberson Andre

    Roberson Andre

     1 months ago +523

    “We have some nice products. I will be stealing all of those”😂😂😆

  • Susie Glasgow

    Susie Glasgow

     1 months ago +504

    1 emma, chilling in a hot tub, all alone cause she has no friends

  • Kiyaan Bal

    Kiyaan Bal

     2 months ago +2902

    This is how many times Emma said 'lonely' in this video

  • pix blue

    pix blue

     1 months ago +190

    this is how many times emma said “by myself”.

  • Rosa Vazquez

    Rosa Vazquez

     1 months ago +235

    12:10-12:40 , literally Emma being a mood for 30 seconds. She's bored so she looks up what u can do, she has plenty of options and says no to all of them.. MOOD

  • teasis


     1 months ago +111

    the hotel you're staying at costs as much as my LIFE.

  • ImAesthetic


     2 months ago +124

    "Im 18 guys!!"
    "so mature ya know !!!"
    car beeps as she drives with knees up
    "why is everyone beeping? ? omygosh"

  • xlavay


     2 months ago +4125

    This is how many times Emma got honked at in this video.

  • Aenima72826


     1 months ago +139

    >turn 18
    >rent hotel room
    >get drunk because the room just has alcohol in it.

  • Gabriela Storm

    Gabriela Storm

     7 days ago +28

    Lmao I relate hard to Emma’s social anxiety 💜🤘🏽

  • vxdeo edxtsx

    vxdeo edxtsx

     3 days ago +10

    this is the amount of times emma said “by myself”

  • Anna Giles

    Anna Giles

     1 months ago +96

    Like to congratulate Emma for hitting 8 million 🥳🥳