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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/gbUnuR02hJY


  • Fathimah Hilmy

     5 days ago

    16 yo emma: *goes everywhere by herself* didn't complain18 yo emma: *_goes on ONE roadtrip by herself_* "Im lonely" 1000x

  • Sound Prophet

     an hour ago


  • Tenzin Choenzin

     23 hours ago

    Stacy R yea it’s all fun and stuff in the beginning but after u get rich, ppl look to take advantage of u. It’s hard to find genuine friends. Just cuz she’s rich, she can’t be annoyed or unhappy? It’s a fucking vlog, she’s showing the ups and downs of her life. Ur mindset is bollocks, u seem mad at Emma for being becoming wealthy or something

  • Bye Felicia

     2 days ago

    "I've done nothing for an hour and I feel like a loser"but.. i literally do this everyday

  • Ashley Portillo

     13 minutes ago

    Bye Felicia you have done something because your doing nothing

  • Analisa unicorn

     42 minutes ago


  • Kiyaan Bal

     2 days ago

    This is how many times Emma said 'lonely' in this video⬇️

  • BlueFireJack


    “As you recently know, I just turned 18!” *drives Mercedes and has owned a few apartments*

  • Edgar Alba

     8 hours ago

    @Carolyn McHugh Average teenagers from other countries don't even have a bike and still live with parents, im sure that's what he was tryna say

  • Carolyn McHugh

     9 hours ago

    renting is different then owning

  • Charlotte VanKraanen


    Emma without food : UGHH IM SO LONELY Emma with food : oh I’m actually having fun!

  • Carson Light

     21 hours ago

    Charlotte VanKraanen hey i think you might love my channel xoxo!

  • MusicByARII

     5 days ago

    This feels like a classic emma vlog..AND I AM SO HERE FOR IT

  • cecilia martinez

     an hour ago

    Stacy R if ur so tired of her “thrown together no effort vlogs” then click the fuck off. no one is asking you to stay, in fact people are telling you and you’re negative ass opinions to leave.

  • LiddleNaNi

     18 hours ago

    Stacy R she earns her money so she is able to spoil herself. She’s self made and works hard

  • Ke'Azia W.


    *honk*Emma: w-*honk*Emma: wh- *honk*Emma: wha-*HONK*Emma: WHAT!!!

  • Kristy Howard

     2 days ago

    Nobody: Emma’s lil knee while she’s driving: lol hey

  • Im Mima


    *I'M BOO BOO **_ThE_** F001 I AlS0 M4STURB8 watch ME TICKL3 MY **_BANANA_*

  • gladys lé


    🙊 *I МАSТÙRВ!АТЕ !Т0 VIDЕ!0S 0N !МY С!HАNNЕL! L!00K!* 🦌

  • Gacha• Star*love_19

     2 days ago

    Emma: acts like a dinosaur in the hot tub Me: (likes and follows)

  • Riley Brinkerhoff

     7 hours ago

    yee yee OMG!!! I HAVE MET SHERLOCK!

  • yee yee


    it’s subbed and abt weren’t u subbed to her before

  • SofiaBella


    How many people honked at Emma⬇️⬇️⬇️