Woodturning - A Waterfall Vase !!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 4, 2019
  • Here I used a Wenge bowl blank to make a vase .. It didn't really turn out out like I wanted.. I should have taken more note of the grain before gluing up ..the grain is cool but doesn't go well with the resin and it looks unbalanced .. (or is that just me)?
    Thanks for watching

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/i672qeFXm5M


  • Leice Greici

    Leice Greici

     an hour ago

    Com umas máquinas dessa até eu

  • mike anglada

    mike anglada

     an hour ago

    That's beautiful art! ❤

  • Esther C

    Esther C

     2 hours ago

    Stunning 😍🤩

  • berk gündüz

    berk gündüz

     2 hours ago


  • Enrico Maria Manconi

    Enrico Maria Manconi

     3 hours ago

    Un'altra cacata pazzesca...

  • Johannes


     6 hours ago

    Nice work, although I don't like the vase. In my opinion its ugly🙈

  • Sumit Rajbhandari

    Sumit Rajbhandari

     9 hours ago

    Lots of effort!

    Hats off to you! 🔥

  • MeSaluNot


     10 hours ago

    I would love something like this in my home! Would you consider this idea but as a lamp?

  • Алекс 1979

    Алекс 1979

     13 hours ago

    Залипушки... 🙂🙂🙂

  • Phil Graves

    Phil Graves

     14 hours ago

    So beautiful, I want it.

  • Cathy Hendrickson

    Cathy Hendrickson

     16 hours ago

    Beautiful!! You did a nice job, love watching these!!!

  • Aliff Anwar

    Aliff Anwar

     17 hours ago

    Very satisfying

  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry


    How about a lamp base that looks like a Chess board?

  • Paolo D'Ascenzo

    Paolo D'Ascenzo


    Un pezzo da battere all ASTA !

  • Paolo D'Ascenzo

    Paolo D'Ascenzo


    Lei è davvero molto molto bravo CHAPEAU!?!

  • D’s Hard Wood Creations

    D’s Hard Wood Creations


    Beautiful piece

  • Александр Новый

    Александр Новый


    И что это? Ваза?




    നല്ല ആശാരി ✌️👌😁

  • Un Usuario

    Un Usuario


    5:31 un clasico de Skrillex

  • Иван Кавин

    Иван Кавин


    Что это,придумай сам?