Gravity explained - visualized (it will blow your mind)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 6, 2014
  • A physics teacher in the USA Dan Burnes adapted a presentation explaining/visualizing Gravity. Using less than $100 of materials he has been able to explain a theory/force that stumps the best of us. I just wish I had a teacher like him when I was in secondary school or university - physics would have been a lot more comprehensive and enjoyable.

    I hope this video encourages and inspires others to create their own universes and discover what happens when you play with the space time continuum, gravity, spandex/lycra pvc tubing, marbles, weights and other spheres.

    I can't wait to see what students, parents, teachers, tutors, colleagues come up with and I hope they video their universes at play and post them for all of us to see.

    Cheers ~ ozetuts - (an aussie tutorial channel helping others learn in exciting, fun and alternative media and environments).

    P.S: I can't believe he did that to my bike shorts, lol :D
  • Source: https://youtu.be/iJq4cXY97_Y


  • TheBigley


     4 hours ago

    Turn the whole thing upside down and it fails.

  • Ryan H

    Ryan H

     4 hours ago

    They get their space time warped.lol

  • Oradgs Gustin

    Oradgs Gustin

     6 hours ago

    Bullshit ... Nobody can explain God's creation ... fake scientists

  • Dubz Watson

    Dubz Watson

     7 hours ago

    The theory of gravity explained. There are other theories other than this one this is just the most commonly believed.

  • Mike Scott

    Mike Scott

     7 hours ago

    This example makes no sense. His iq must be around 80. Look deeper into reality friends. He's just saying what he thinks. Not what he's tested in real life. Why is spacetime supposedly flat????????? I think you all know the real answer, and its right in front of us all.

  • bill1usmc


     8 hours ago

    Gravity only exists when you're in it. Same experiment in space would be a disaster.

  • Knott Newz

    Knott Newz

     9 hours ago

    "Matter bends space"...?
    Answer this then... If space is a void vacuum, how can matter effect it, let alone 'bend' it? Are you saying that something can have an effect on nothing? That's new.

  • josekma1


     10 hours ago

    Horrible explanation

  • CS_FL


     10 hours ago

    Interesting use of Lycra, but I can think of more fun uses.

  • EarthRealmVideos


     10 hours ago

    Actually the best description of gravity is boyancy and density. This visual representation is pretty retarded considering it would be bending space in every direction not just down , therefore cancelling itself out. BTW space doesn't bend! Prove me wrong sheeple. Gravity does not exist in the sense that you've been taught. It's a made-up concept to explain why we're stuck to a ball... Which consequently is also incorrect.

  • J Newmar

    J Newmar

     10 hours ago


  • Jame Gumb

    Jame Gumb

     12 hours ago

    Student: "But, Mr. Burns, what about the fourth dimension?"

    Mr. Burns: "Smithers! Unleash the hounds!!"

  • Talen Mcknight

    Talen Mcknight

     13 hours ago

    Lol. I love y’all scientists who believe the lies of satan and the elites. NASA is derived from the Hebrew word nasha which means deception.

  • AceBanana100


     13 hours ago

    Gravity is fiction!

  • Talen Mcknight

    Talen Mcknight

     13 hours ago

    The conclusion is spandex will cause a indention and every thing will find the lowest point. Not bs gravity it’s called ground level & sea level. And the moon is plasma. Which means no one can land on plasma, genius... scientists are not geniuses their idiots with a degree!!!😁

  • remivonrude


     13 hours ago

    Is this a joke?

  • Alex Burns

    Alex Burns

     15 hours ago

    They think gravity works this way but none of them can prove it. They also say nothing goes faster than the speed of light but “gravity”must be instant action at a distance which they say isnt possible. They will never tell us the truth while they accel in things like CERN

  • Alex Burns

    Alex Burns

     15 hours ago

    This isnt even close

  • Andy Emerson

    Andy Emerson

     17 hours ago

    What a load of shite. Shit heavier than air. NO GRAVITY.

  • dennis jump

    dennis jump

     18 hours ago

    Too bad that reality is 3D and not 2 as this nonsense implies. The fictional " space-time " would be warped completely around the object on all sides so the net effect would be nill, no attraction, no falling inwards. The idea of space { nothing } combining with time { a concept } to form something that can be warped or bent is so blatantly stupid as to not be worth discussing.