Best Tournament Moments in Advanced Warfare

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 10, 2016
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    00:00 Intro
    01:13 MBoze's 4 Piece
    01:26 Methodz Ace
    01:45 Temp 1v3 Clutch
    02:01 "Oh my Karma!"
    02:20 Clayster's Reaction Shot
    02:48 Optic Nation Last Minute Heroic Plays
    03:46 Neslo is Clutch
    04:14 "That's why you a two-time world champ"
    04:32 The Dolphin Dive
    05:11 Crim's 6 Piece
    05:40 "OH MY GOD!"
    06:15 LXT Destroys Elevate
    06:55 "The definition of being World Starred"
    07:42 JKap Leads The Comeback
    08:44 Parasite's 48 Second Cap
    09:50 Apathy Dismantles Epsilon
    10:43 Meet The Man In Green
    12:01 Enable Embarasses Optic
    12:43 Scump's 5 Piece
    13:20 Formal Dominates
    13:42 Revenge Fights Back
    15:49 Another Sniper Ace
    16:28 Karma Police
    16:56 Teepee Holds Down the OBJ
    17:35 Sneaky Josh
    18:12 The Emergence of TJHaly
    19:50 Thirteen in a Row
    20:53 Havok Wreaks Havoc
    22:11 Best CTF Game in AW
    26:05 Revenge Force Game 5
    27:51 Nadeshot, The Main Slayer
    28:30 Clayster Wants His ring
    29:18 Remy Obliterates FaZe Black
    29:56 The Best Grand Finals

    Video Description:
    The Advanced Warfare year was filled with incredible moments and spine tingling plays. With this year's intro, I wanted to first capture that sense of hope that anything is possible. I believe that this year in particular, we lost a lot of the amateur scene because of the league design, and I just wanted to help rekindle that hope that you can make it. When I chose these excellent plays I tried to keep in mind many different variables: skill, notoriety of the teams and players involved, crowd participation and the weight of the moment. While a 3 piece is good in any situation, it is obviously much more relevant in the grand finals of COD Champs for example. Sometimes the skill was so great that it didn't matter if they play happened during pool play of a regular tournament, it's still as good as a good play during an important tournament.

    There are two major DISCLAIMERS I must you give you about this video. For one, the VODs this year were terrible. Somewhere along the line UMG and MLG just gave up posting the matches, and as a result we definitely have some worthy plays missing. Second, there is a heavy amount of Optic clips because of the lack of VODs. But realistically, Optic and Faze/Denial were the best teams this year, so they would have had a large portion of the clips anyway. I initially didn't want to do the video because with the lack of VODs I wouldn't be able to do it right. But in the end, I didn't want to break the tradition as I really do love making these. All that being said, we know that there are clips we missed, but these are our personal choices for the best tournament moments in Advanced Warfare. Enjoy!

    Really big shoutout to Tommy eSports. His recaps and Top 5's after tournaments really help me zero on on some great plays when I didn't have time to watch certain tournaments. He has excellent content, I recommend checking him out!

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    Under the fair use clause of copyright law, the use of 3rd party footage is allowed if the new work is transformative in nature. We believe that our use of the various sources is transformative to create out own original work. No infringement is intended in the use of these source materials. We respect all of the above content creators and hope they don't mind us using pieces of their work to build our own video.

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