Team Reciprocity vs Optic Gaming | CWL Champs 2019 | Day 4

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/mCAIPstLyMk


  • Callum Warren

    Callum Warren

     1 months ago

    21:25 song name please?

  • Imran Aftab

    Imran Aftab

     1 months ago

    Anyone know what the beat is called when optic win at the end?

  • Veriloyly


     2 months ago


  • Raymond Stansen

    Raymond Stansen

     2 months ago

    A lot to a little the first matchup lmfao they are legit even , the fuck are you talking about

  • YoEnglish Teacha

    YoEnglish Teacha

     2 months ago

    They had enable name instead of dashy😂😂😂

  • jose perez

    jose perez

     2 months ago

    What happened to tommy? He’s a unit

  • Timothy O'Connell

    Timothy O'Connell

     3 months ago

    what song is playing while they load into the first map?

  • eljuano0987654321


     3 months ago

    Video starts at 11:20

  • Zander Carranza

    Zander Carranza

     3 months ago

    Crim is SOOOO overrated his time has come and gone. He's the Messi of COD. When it's on the line he chokes and fails to show up. Stop hyping Dashy up also the kids ok FLOPTIC gaming will drop him soon

  • Bryan Ramirez

    Bryan Ramirez

     3 months ago

    "What progress??" Stuck up team. That's why they're aren't the best anymore.

  • Yannick Okpara

    Yannick Okpara

     3 months ago

    ''he's at the barrel''[listen in with optic] no shit sherlock, it's called barrels ;P

  • Beast Titan

    Beast Titan

     3 months ago +1

    1:12:16 The crowd 🤣🤣🤣

  • James Alvarez

    James Alvarez

     3 months ago

    Where can I watch the games live?

  • ToXiic Huevon

    ToXiic Huevon

     3 months ago

    When is the actual final last match

  • Billeh


     3 months ago

    Karma struggling except that 4 piece grav and streaks to close out the control. It’s ok Sunday goat mode engaged let’s go boys!

  • cintijones


     3 months ago

    optic got that good batch of cali white girl

  • Walter Griffeth

    Walter Griffeth

     3 months ago

    Crim ya fat bastard

  • p4p z man charlie

    p4p z man charlie

     3 months ago

    Dylan n karma brothers?😁

  • Fred Casillas

    Fred Casillas

     3 months ago +1

    Crimsix really showing up!!

  • Poems


     3 months ago

    Listen In:

    My ears: ratta tat tudor tudor punchapuncha tittytotitty to