Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019
  • Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise, takes a look at spy scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

    To learn more, check out Jonna and Tony Mendez's new book "The Moscow Rules" out now: https://amzn.to/2J8zPWa

    The International Spy Museum located in Washington, D.C. is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to educate the public about the history and impact of espionage and intelligence. The Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display. www.spymuseum.org

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    Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mUqeBMP8nEg


  • Antonl94


     an hour ago

    yeah.. I don't believe her when she said "3 banned covers". CIA did a fake vaccine drive in Pakistan when they're trying to kill bin laden. It's not one of the covers she mentioned it feels like they'd have no problem doing those 3 if they can pose as doctors.

  • hisham ahmed

    hisham ahmed

     5 hours ago

    If that women is my mom I wouldn’t even have a chance to lie to her😂💔

  • tessieract lost in space

    tessieract lost in space

     9 hours ago

    What about the 'disguise' in Miss Congeniality 1 & 2? I wonder if it happened to real life agents too.

  • Kenna


     22 hours ago

    this editing is highly disruptive and annoying

  • ‎ ‎

    ‎ ‎

     22 hours ago

    former cia breaks down mk ultra project

  • Susan Douglas

    Susan Douglas


    i was waiting for the spy kids quick change and it never came

  • MrLamorso


     yesterday +1

    I was half expecting her to be in some sort of disguise and reveal it at the end

  • Arrim Haddad

    Arrim Haddad


    I need more videos of this woman

  • Bert


     2 days ago

    F THE CIA. Lying America into illegal wars for the benefit of corporations

  • Leo Sumaribus

    Leo Sumaribus

     2 days ago

    I just finished a 27:54min Youtube video.

  • Little Carrot

    Little Carrot

     2 days ago

    She kinda looks like Aunt Lydia

  • Mama Bri

    Mama Bri

     3 days ago

    This woman is a badass! Love her!

  • Daniel A. Espinoza A.

    Daniel A. Espinoza A.

     3 days ago

    This is one is my favorites, she is awesome!

  • Kristen Nicole

    Kristen Nicole

     3 days ago

    so we got her cia name or her other name?

  • Suvii


     3 days ago +6

    I would like her to break down the movie Anna disguises.

  • Kristen Nicole

    Kristen Nicole

     3 days ago

    would be interesting to see some Archer footage in here haha

  • Nerdy Tech

    Nerdy Tech

     3 days ago

    I hate when they freeze her. hard to get a tell.

  • AnthonyG


     4 days ago

    The CIA "doesn't use the media" guys it's all ok! What a bunch of bs.

  • LighT


     4 days ago

    I wonder how many stories she would have for her grandkids

  • Богдана Мельник

    Богдана Мельник

     4 days ago

    I'm European and I don't start counting on my hands with the thumb, I do it just like the soldier did