КОПЫ ПОПАЛИ с взяткой в скрытую КАМЕРУ! Чугуев! Україна

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • How much you have to pay to "solve the problem" of driving under influences on the spor?
    Police in Chuhuiv demanded ₴10000!
    We have got on tape all communications with a cop - from test on alcohol to the transfer of money, Drugger shows 0.27 pro mil of alcohol in blood. But there were no need to persuade the civil servant - all cash (excluding ₴100 which driver asked to leave to him for gas) went into hands of the policeman.
    When Alexander Kunitsky got on the spot, wanting to take a comment from heroes of that story, cops are fled. One got out on a police car, leaving his partner in the middle of the freeway, other one got into the car passing by and after a couple hundred meters fled through the bushes.
    In the end, author of the tape had written a statement to the police on the matter of bribe extortion by an inspector.
    The DA will now deal with the incident.
    Details of the exciting story that took place in the morning of July 31 in Chuhuiv - in the next video.

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