BIG Turbo Civic vs TT Lambo - CRAZY Cash Days!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 11, 2018
  • Today’s video is a little different than your typical cash days. We roll race in a cash days fashion! Out of all the types of street racing we have seen this was a first for us, and we loved it! On top of that, there is also a wide variety of cars battling it out! A Civic with a 70mm turbo out of the hood, twin turbo Lambo, TrailBlazer SS, and more! We hope you enjoy this type of competition as much as we do, and we hope to see it in the future more often! Thanks for watching!
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/s2w3PA31a3E


  • DeChronics



    “All motor under the hood” Man wasn’t lying.

  • ricecakeFTW


     3 days ago +2


  • _ ThatPickleGuy _

    _ ThatPickleGuy _

     3 days ago +1

    0:46 “820-830 not much” sorry what 😂

  • Turbomanonskyline


     4 days ago

    GTR 4 life

  • Milhouses45


     4 days ago +1

    It's like watching a video in 5p

  • Enrique Gonzalez

    Enrique Gonzalez

     4 days ago

    Bruh that dude in the white lambo is Alex from sheepey race

  • Justin rice

    Justin rice

     5 days ago

    That gtr bagged every race till last haha

  • draxx Sklounst

    draxx Sklounst

     6 days ago

    7:38 ...... officer Slater, is that you?

  • ben taylor

    ben taylor

     7 days ago

    Ramey racing lets go

  • Omri Dedier

    Omri Dedier

     7 days ago

    Who the fuck translate this shit its 💩💩💩

  • Michael Hall

    Michael Hall

     7 days ago

    Man that 300 was faster then that gtr I dont care. He pulled on him at the end

  • Alan Talley

    Alan Talley

     7 days ago

    The guy in he TT Lambo is Alex Soto from Sheepey Race. I recognize his voice 100%

  • J AIR 23AMG

    J AIR 23AMG

     7 days ago

    Los Angeles streets are the hardest streets to race on in the world. Law Enforcement are fierce when it comes to street racing. The fines are of felony type level depending how badly you get caught doing it.

  • April Dickerson

    April Dickerson

     7 days ago

    Vanity at it's finest! Nice job boys how many lives did you impact and change with all this that night? Sad that we can't use all this powerful stuff to make a real difference that you all can be truly be proud of

  • eqios


     14 days ago

    Guessing his vTEc dIDnT kIcK In

  • Verdaqq


     14 days ago

    When he opened the door and revealed that eg civic my jaw completely dropped

  • Ian


     14 days ago

    This is why sheepy race is the best..

  • DA9 McKinney

    DA9 McKinney

     14 days ago

    I would rather be starring at the engine bay the whole time he's talking instead of a blurry face...

  • Ima Crazy

    Ima Crazy

     21 days ago

    After watching 1320 roll races in Texas, Cali quarter mile cars do not have the same appeal, or power!

  • GT Godbear

    GT Godbear

     21 days ago

    Poor truckers are probably trying to get some sleep.