OpTic Gaming vs Luminosity | CWL Finals 2019 | Day 2

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/sm6exZWdBYE


  • Kraig Dominic

    Kraig Dominic

     1 months ago

    Can they really see the other players on the map like that

  • Andrew Decker

    Andrew Decker

     2 months ago

    I bet they miss FORMAL and his AR since he's consistently, over the past few years been arguably one of if not the best ARs in cod.

  • PharoOne


     3 months ago

    Optic always starts off good then mid game lose their grip

  • Jaded Inc

    Jaded Inc

     3 months ago

    Optic illey incoming pls

  • Oscar


     3 months ago

    I feel optic is throwing away this years CoD league. I don’t think they’re committed to this new owner and his agenda. My thoughts

  • Kaden M

    Kaden M

     3 months ago

    These commentators are so fricken annoying

  • Jonathon Townsend

    Jonathon Townsend

     3 months ago

    Th fall of optic ???



     3 months ago

    They should've kept Formal lol He to beast

  • Nadesoar Psn

    Nadesoar Psn

     3 months ago +1

    OpTic is losing on purpose in a staged plan set by Hecz so that way the push for a new team buyout will be smoother for the fans. Ever since the mention of Hecz selling out after London OpTic has completely fell off against average pro teams. Coincidence? I think not...#Stay Woke



     3 months ago

    How can I get in the pros I’m worthy

  • GrandmasterE Beyond

    GrandmasterE Beyond

     3 months ago

    Ha 3-0 wtf couldn’t even win one match!

  • Jet Keesee

    Jet Keesee

     3 months ago

    I don't watch that much cod anymore but seeing this shows me the f up getting rid of Formal

  • Joshua Marc

    Joshua Marc

     3 months ago

    lmao, I love the fact that there's so many people out there that are fake fans.. when optic is dominating they are praising them and when they lose they are stepping on someone that's already on the fucking ground.. I agree that something needs to change and I also do agree that they disappointed us.. but some of ya'll are pointing fingers in the wrong direction.. dropping scump or karma? seriously? both of them are still huge playmakers .. scump does almost not lose any 1 vs 1's with that saug, he is still a beast and had great moments.. overall all of them underperformed yes, but not bcs the players are bad but because team structure, training time etc are failing.. maybe crimsix is a player that needs to be looked at but other than that I dont see a problem with the current roster.

  • Jordan Kim

    Jordan Kim

     3 months ago

    EG is out lmao

  • sosteezydrew 47

    sosteezydrew 47

     3 months ago

    i feel like people forget the won vegas , optic has potential

  • Arian


     3 months ago

    What about Teep?

  • D Lee

    D Lee

     3 months ago

    Wow I can’t watch optic anymore. They choke and are always looking in the wrong direction

  • Eric Odom

    Eric Odom

     3 months ago

    I'm skinny.. I eat a lot hecz.for example I eat a pizza 2 sandwiches and a bowl of soup a day I'm 185 lbs. These men are not like you. Take them on your side and don't give them limited food or company. Visit them and make sure everyone on your team are well fed like I've said before.

  • Eric Odom

    Eric Odom

     3 months ago

    Don't act like u can't make them eat. EAT WITH THEM HECZ

  • Eric Odom

    Eric Odom

     3 months ago

    Feed the machine