100 Thieves vs Gen.G | CWL Finals 2019 | Day 2

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tBoQrPiLwiU


  • Sean Kassner

    Sean Kassner

     6 days ago

    Enable shoulda got in front of Kenny when he defused the bomb, but nooo...

  • Cheezus Christ

    Cheezus Christ

     3 months ago

    Why didn’t Priestahh use his attack chopper? (If it isn’t allowed, why would he equip it in the first place?)

  • Rudy DoesntMiss

    Rudy DoesntMiss

     3 months ago

    Envoy has mastered the art of baiting his teammates. Some might call him a……

  • Aaditya Shah

    Aaditya Shah

     3 months ago

    why do they keep 'almost' switching weapons while moving around or while standing??

  • JJayHo


     3 months ago

    lmao GenG is gonna get top 6 at champs

  • Psn Iversonpr1996

    Psn Iversonpr1996

     3 months ago +1

    Kenny your ego is killing the team and you! You guys lost beacuse of kenny

  • TOM Murphy

    TOM Murphy

     3 months ago

    Octane look like he getting fat

  • Caleb Loberg

    Caleb Loberg

     3 months ago +1

    Havoc best hype man hands down

  • thecryptid 12

    thecryptid 12

     3 months ago

    Glade 100t got shit on they trash any way

  • Kevin Leon

    Kevin Leon

     3 months ago

    That last match was insane

  • George M.

    George M.

     3 months ago +1

    Why do they spam the aiming button???

  • Cody


     3 months ago

    Gen g are playing really well

  • KOA 532

    KOA 532

     3 months ago +2

    Omg. 100thieves is out lmao. Faze up. Lets take it faze

  • Gbeast50


     3 months ago

    Called it. 100t is my favorite but I freaking knew t.

  • Corinth Dragamire

    Corinth Dragamire

     3 months ago

    Dumb ass Kenny love to see his ass get killed for last kill to lose dumb cocky trash can

  • Slow Cheetah

    Slow Cheetah

     3 months ago

    If series were best of ten nagafen will never lose. He has the slowest starts I’ve ever seen

  • TheComedian


     3 months ago

    1:28:50 nice hat Kenny you fucking clown lol. Trying to defuse bomb without being fully healed and not prone behind it.....stupid play. Buh Bye 100T. Pack your bags

  • Mike Yaglowski

    Mike Yaglowski

     3 months ago +20


  • Collin


     3 months ago

    Why TF is study a caster 🥺😫

  • Walrus Guy

    Walrus Guy

     3 months ago +11

    Man RIP to Envoy in the kill-feed for game 1.
    Poor bastard got Lightning Striked (twice), Flamethrowered, Gravity slammed (twice) and GL'd all within a couple of minutes.