The 8 Dumbest Ways To Die In Gaming History

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 18, 2018
  • DUMBEST WAYS TO DIE IN A VIDEO GAME. Playing video games means it’s inevitable at some point that your character is going to die. Sometimes, It’ll happen multiple times in hilarious ways.

    This is The Gamer’s list of the 8 stupidest ways to die in gaming history.

    What’s the most hilarious way to die in a game?
    Are there any games that could have been made better by adding some dark humorous way of dying?

    Let us know in the comments section below!


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    Video games have a way of making us appreciate the little things in life. This also seems to include the bits of dark humor game developers insert into our favorite games like making character’s be killed off by inanimate objects or weaker characters or sometimes by just falling from high places.

    It’s a way to not take yourself or life so seriously because, as any gamer knows, the end will come eventually so we might as well get a laugh out of it from time to time as morbid as this may sound.

    And games have come up with clever ways of knocking on death’s door. For example, if you’re four inches and a Smurf, you can be killed by a blade of grass if you don’t time your jumps perfectly. You can also be killed by bats and white gates which makes total sense. Intergalactic warriors in Battletoads can be killed by piranha plants which look like they came out of the Mario universe, but they’re smaller and deadlier.

    Exhaustion can kill you in the Oregon Trail so, if you weren’t killed by dysentery, not taking a nap can definitely end your adventure earlier than you anticipated. The Legend of Zelda may have the most powerful weapon on the planet, but if Link’s low on health, he can’t even defeat a mutt and it could soon be game over for him if you’re unkind to animals. Lesson learned Nintendo.

    We also learned not to jump into a bowl of hot soup as Mario did and to avoid dating fugitive aliens in Mass Effect because they’ll kill us if we make the wrong choice. Join us as we delve into gaming history and take a look at the 8 stupidest ways to die!


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