2b2t's History of Kings

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • A look into the history of those that called themselves the "king" of the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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    Additional renders by: IronException & The Society Project
    Music: FFXII
    Additional Footage: iTristan
  • Source: https://youtu.be/vtuSXLM8TQE


  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     2 months ago +41503

    "I used to rule the world...."

  • fake h

    fake h

     8 hours ago

    I hear FFXII music, I like.

  • Liam Shapiro

    Liam Shapiro

     9 hours ago

    Drop the server ip please

  • Elier Solano

    Elier Solano

     12 hours ago

    Wheres the history channel for this

  • XenomorphEmpress



    "I tell you this, for when my days come to an end, you shall be KING"

  • The Nerf Kid

    The Nerf Kid

     yesterday +1

    to me at least, you're the duke of 2b2t

  • MatteGamer2



    Pyro is STILL the king of 2b2t for me.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

     2 days ago

    I wonder what they are doing today

  • Dudebro 72727

    Dudebro 72727

     3 days ago

    chrisleighton seems like the Roman Emperor Nero of 2b2t

  • Alex Galloway

    Alex Galloway

     3 days ago

    Well there's only one solution to this. An emperor. Uniting 2b2t. That would be a spectacle for sure

  • Kyle Simmons

    Kyle Simmons

     3 days ago


  • PutoQuienLoLea


     4 days ago

    Probably he grow up and realize he is 29 years old and still wasting his life on a dead meme server

  • Justinian Wiuff

    Justinian Wiuff

     4 days ago

    Making a history documentary is one thing, but being a part of that history makes it seem...

  • Matt Ravo

    Matt Ravo

     4 days ago +3

    Where griefers came from:
    From Christ
    This is where greifing starting

  • DoNKeY


     4 days ago

    Why doesn't 2b2t wipe every other week like Rust? It's been around for almost a decade.

  • Lord Lahmacun

    Lord Lahmacun

     5 days ago

    You should rename your channel to 2b2t historian

  • Brian Atnip

    Brian Atnip

     5 days ago

    NO THE ITristan

  • Ayy Bubbles

    Ayy Bubbles

     5 days ago

    iTristan started a Minecraft server called the Superwalls many years ago. A moderator on that server griefed the hub a couple times and it shut down shortly after.

  • Dustin Farnum

    Dustin Farnum

     5 days ago

    A plan for becoming 2b2t king..

    Go to spawn, earn loyalty from new players, protect and gear them up. Build an army.

    Someone who fights out of fear is good.

    Someone who fights out of loyalty is best.

  • Zahes


     6 days ago

    i bet Pyro has watched this video, and just giggled