Jay Leno's Steam Cars

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 19, 2017
  • Dennis heads out to visit with Jay Leno and go for a ride in a 1909 White steam car.

    My Classic Car Season 18 Episode 4.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/wBU8IPyUyTk


  • Ray Chandler

    Ray Chandler

     3 hours ago

    aggh how about the other fire aghh its nothing lol

  • Hurricane Floyd

    Hurricane Floyd

     4 hours ago +1

    $120,000 in 2019 money.

  • Hunne2303


     18 hours ago

    EVs are basically steam cars too...not so advanced me thinks...

    kudos for knowing how to operate these things

  • yash maharaj

    yash maharaj

     22 hours ago +1

    60 mph no doors, no seatbelt. Nice

  • Know It

    Know It

     yesterday +1

    The horn sounds like a kind of dinosaur from a Jurassic Park movie....

  • ___aaron.m



    I thought it said jay lenon

  • Shane K

    Shane K

     2 days ago +1

    800 pounds of torque!

  • oil Toast

    oil Toast

     2 days ago

    The steam whilst sounds like a demonic pig.

  • James Peyton

    James Peyton

     3 days ago

    It makes me wonder how much more efficient and easy to use today’s technology could make them. Could steam be a practical fuel today?

  • Xx0kXX300X


     3 days ago

    At the end when he was stuck at top dead center, what would you do if you were alone in the car with nobody to push?

  • profnasty


     3 days ago

    Nuclear pellet to heat water. Power for 20 years.

  • Plenus


     4 days ago +1

    I would drive that boy, no joke.

  • Mr. Baked Potato

    Mr. Baked Potato

     5 days ago

    Why don't they want to make it seem like it takes only two elders to push the car when it's obviously to heavy for just them, credit the people in the back whose actually pushing

  • Pure Gamer

    Pure Gamer

     5 days ago

    This is the future... Do u know that?

  • TheV2ng


     5 days ago +1

    this is awesome

  • Pirate2002Admiral


     6 days ago

    I like steam to Classic tv cars:-)

  • Kurt Wagner

    Kurt Wagner

     7 days ago +1

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you...

  • T-38 c

    T-38 c

     7 days ago

    8:47 holy crap

  • Shady Kitty

    Shady Kitty

     7 days ago

    i want to see a drag race

  • Andres Alemany

    Andres Alemany

     7 days ago

    This is what I want for when shit hits the fan and we get an emp