Slingshots in Class

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 22, 2017
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    i like butts


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/xBeXBA-rHtw


  • Adam


     9 hours ago

    I started this tReNd in my school thanks to you :), and no one knows i did and they won't believe me if i said it😂



     9 hours ago

    I used to shoot them to

  • Diego Ventura

    Diego Ventura

     21 hours ago +1

    In my school only people give up and say the truth only if they are getting in trouble like just the teacher talking to you nothing else my gosh my school is in needs of help

  • Sophia The Midget

    Sophia The Midget

     yesterday +1

    Last year in 5th grade someone would take a sticky note and either write kick me or just leave it blank and then stick it onto the back of someone’s shirt. Also we flicked pencils and erasers everywhere

  • Alejandra Guerrero

    Alejandra Guerrero


    Davidson is the most the white boy name

  • Donato Aloshious

    Donato Aloshious



  • Squek Seal

    Squek Seal

     yesterday +1

    Once my friend was walking out of class for early dismissal, and I was aiming at him with a paper wasp. I then saw my other friend aiming at him too, and realized I had 2 wasps. I silently said to myself "If anyone's taking him down, its gonna be me." And proceeded to fling a wasp at my other friend, and then fling one at the friend that was leaving right before he shut the door. That's right, I just pulled a Family Guy.

  • Jacob Hensley

    Jacob Hensley


    P U N I S H M E M R D A V I D S O N

  • Elias Alfredsson

    Elias Alfredsson


    Are you 13 in 9th grader?

  • X Dunton

    X Dunton


    This so what is happening right now

  • phantomefooxy


     yesterday +1

    the teacher: hey whos calling all the noise
    erolds 13 year old class(im guesing): ...
    my 10/11 year old class: me

  • Ethan Silva

    Ethan Silva


    It is 61cm from Tanner to Erold stupid fatheaddddd

  • ashleigh longue

    ashleigh longue

     yesterday +1

    wait- he made a "hows the weather up there" joke even before tall girl

  • ashleigh longue

    ashleigh longue


    wait- he made a "hows the weather up there" joke even before tall girl

  • Jersie Pro

    Jersie Pro


    Owww you hit my eyeeeeeee
    -Random kid

  • Cultrexx



    I have a friend who is 9 and 6,2

  • Philip Joseph

    Philip Joseph

     2 days ago

    The distance from Tanner’s head to Erold’s head is about 61.6 cm

  • Yaa yaatar Yes yeetter

    Yaa yaatar Yes yeetter

     2 days ago

    I know a freshman friend that is 6 feet 7 inches tall and is taller than all the varsity basketball players like all seniors and juniors and is on varsity

  • Risky Yellow

    Risky Yellow

     2 days ago

    We thought we were the only ones

  • Cupcake Animations

    Cupcake Animations

     2 days ago

    At least Ur maths teacher didn't keep u behind like my science teacher and I hadn't eaten all day and not until 6-7pm!!!

    But in yr 7 my ex flipped a table in maths 😂