Turbo 4 Rotor RX-7 SCREAMS on the Dyno | Mazzei Formula

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • David stopped in to Abel's shop to get his 4 Rotor tuned. Listen to the difference from start to finish. You can really see how our builds contrast and benefit from working together to keep pistons out of RX-7 shells. Davids IG: mazzei_formula

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/xQjqImHruJE


  • Ivar Karlsson

    Ivar Karlsson

     an hour ago

    Why is one exhaust on the side and The second one on the back

  • Igor MS

    Igor MS

     14 hours ago


  • John Doe

    John Doe


    Looks like there is Mazzie's 4 rotor running, on your channel, a year before yours went to Sema.

  • ByRoDrigOs05



    Like si viste el meme de amlo
    Solo los de México entenderan

  • Mike Nolan

    Mike Nolan


    Legend has it there's a car attached to that wing

  • GaNgAr Islay

    GaNgAr Islay


    OMG Screams Like a 787B ^^

  • Anthony Perez

    Anthony Perez


    That is just pure bad ass!!!!!!🤙🏽🔥🤙🏽🔥 Awesome build man!

  • XxOKI xX

    XxOKI xX

     2 days ago

    Sounds amazing

  • Joshuagamer456 plazer

    Joshuagamer456 plazer

     3 days ago

    If this 4 rotor turbo rx7 passed them at a high rate of speed they would be in shock

  • Joshuagamer456 plazer

    Joshuagamer456 plazer

     3 days ago

    Some supercar owners would been like what the heck was that?!

  • Joshuagamer456 plazer

    Joshuagamer456 plazer

     3 days ago

    That turbo 4 rotor mazda rx7 is an absolute BEAST!😎

  • Auger3504


     4 days ago

    Awesome work on the car, but I have to ask, at the end of the video, what is the white care behind you? It looks like a mid 70's Ford Capri.

  • Dark Lord, Snickers

    Dark Lord, Snickers

     4 days ago

    Hub centric dyno, a must.
    Take out the dyno burnouts.

  • Birch Family

    Birch Family

     5 days ago

    Holy crap. How much power are you pushing above 9krpm? I know a naturally aspirated 26b does 930+...but with a giant turbo? You're nuts and I love it.

  • VM- Hoss

    VM- Hoss

     5 days ago

    how long does this last on the motorway?



     5 days ago

    this cunts as high as a kite, check out the chineese eyes

  • Sabba7h


     5 days ago

    Captions from 0:05 just say "[Music]"

    I see you are a client of culture as well, YouTube

  • sangam kr

    sangam kr

     6 days ago

    foken came back here all excited and shit. when are we gonna see the actual 4 rotor go on the dyno? got bamboozled by youtube recommendation

  • The Observer 1

    The Observer 1

     6 days ago

    Rob great work! Respect bro!

  • Felix XD

    Felix XD

     6 days ago

    TÜV sagt nein XD