Cute Animals That You NEED To Stay Away From!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 5, 2020
  • Appearances can be deceiving! From gentle giants who can rip your face off to sea beasts that will try to drown you, here are 11 animals that are very cute, but can be deadly!

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    11. SLOW LORIS
    The slow loris is a small, utterly adorable, extremely rare nocturnal primate that is native to Southeast Asia and its bordering areas. It moves about slowly, hence its name, and has large, innocent-looking eyes. Upon encountering one, your first instinct might be to pick it up and cradle it like a baby.

    10. Giant Panda
    Giant pandas are cute, seemingly really relaxed herbivores. It’s no wonder they have a reputation for essentially being big teddy bears who are more-or-less harmless, especially compared to other ursine species, like grizzlies and polar bears. Contrary to this image, these alleged gentle giants are capable of much more than leisurely laying around, snacking on bamboo and looking like their waiting for a cuddle.

    9. Moose
    Moose are cute in a goofy, lovable way. Many people don’t associate them with danger, even though they’re massive, with males reaching up to seven feet (2.1 meters) tall at the shoulder and ten feet (3 meters) long, and weighing as much as 1,500 pounds (680 kg).

    8. Raccoon
    Raccoons seem as cuddly as a beloved family cat or dog, with their cartoonish black “masks” and bushy, ringed tails. But it’s best to avoid these nocturnal North American cuties at all costs, and for several reasons.

    7. Gray Seal
    Gray seals are adorable, especially as pups. At first glance, they seem totally non-threatening, despite their large size. Even researchers admit that the gray seal “has the image of a nice, cuddly, friendly animal that eats fish,” in the words of Mardik Leopold, a marine biologist at the Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies in the Netherlands.

    6. Swan
    Swans may not exactly be cute, but they are visually appealing, and are widely admired for their beauty and gracefulness. But these lovely birds, who have very few natural predators, are not as docile as they seem. Swans are very powerful, weighing up to 33 pounds (15 kg) and with wingspans measuring between 6.6 and 11-and-a-half feet (2-3.5 meters).

    5. Chimpanzee
    It’s easy to consider chimpanzees less threatening than larger primates, such as gorillas, and they certainly look sweet and huggable. Especially as babies. People even want them as pets to replace human children. They’re also highly intelligent and capable of learning complex communication skills, and they share between 95 and 98 percent of their DNA with humans, so it’s understandable that some people might mistakenly believe chimps are easy or pleasant to interact with.

    4. Giant Anteater
    The strange-looking but cute giant anteater is the largest of four existing anteater species and dwells in savanna-like fields in Central and South America. It has no teeth, poor vision and hearing, and dines almost exclusively on bugs. Knowing all this, it may seem almost laughable that anyone would fear a giant anteater, even though they grow up to seven feet (2.1 meters) long and weigh as much as 140 pounds (63.5 kg).

    3. Wolverine
    A member of the weasel family, the wolverine looks more like a young bear. It only grows up to three feet (0.9 meters/91.44 cm) long and weighs between 20 and 66 pounds (9-30 kg). But the wolverine is one of nature’s most efficient and ruthless predators. While it often preys on small mammals, it’s been known to occasionally take down moose and doesn’t think twice about stealing food from a bear or wolf.

    2. Leopard Seal
    The leopard seal is a much-favored sight among cruise-goers. It’s easy to see why people look forward to catching a glimpse of these seemingly angelic, “ocean puppy”-like creatures. In reality, the woefully misunderstood leopard seal is both a vital component to Antarctic ecosystems and one of the region’s most hellacious predators.

    1. Dolphins
    Dolphins are extremely curious, approachable, and friendly.On the other hand they are highly intelligent and will not hesitate to defend themselves if provoked. The BBC says that besides being cute and cuddly, they are also known for mating practices and infanticide. Just like humans they can be nasty and conniving, says The Dolphin Research Alliance.

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